Who is the author of Tartuffe?

Who is the author of Tartuffe?

Tartuffe, comedy in five acts by Molière, produced in 1664 and published in French in 1669 as Le Tartuffe; ou, l’imposteur (“Tartuffe; or, The Imposter”).

Where was Tartuffe written?

Tartuffe was written during the reign of King Louis XIV in France. It was the Grand Siècle in France – a time of cultural and artistic growth, when Louis XIV completed the Louvre and transformed Versailles from a hunting lodge into the extravagant Château at Versailles that can still be visited today.

Why was Tartuffe written?

During this time, Molière appealed to the king on behalf of his banned play Tartuffe, famously writing in his first appeal, “the purpose of the comedy is to correct the faults of men,” and arguing for the moral necessity of the play.

What is the story of Tartuffe?

Plot of Tartuffe Tartuffe is a wanderer whom Orgon takes into his home. Tartuffe impresses Orgon with his devout religious and moral beliefs and behavior. As a result of his carefully constructed persona, Tartuffe becomes adored by both Orgon, and his mother, Madame Pernelle.

Who does Tartuffe want to marry?

When his daughter arrives, Orgon tells her that he wants to ally Tartuffe with his house; this he can best do by Mariane’s marrying Tartuffe. Mariane is so shocked that she cannot believe her ears. After Orgon departs, Dorine, the maid, reprimands Mariane for not having refused to marry Tartuffe.

Who is Tartuffe actually in love with?


Character Description
Tartuffe: Du Croisy Houseguest of Orgon, hypocritical religious devotee who attempts to seduce Elmire
Valère: La Grange The young romantic lead, who struggles to win the hand of his true love, Orgon’s daughter Mariane.

What is the main idea of Tartuffe?

The main theme of “Tartuffe” is hypocrisy. Tartuffe is a pretentious person who is nothing like the devout, holy man he tries to convince everyone that he is. He is, in fact, a dishonest, hypocritical, swindler.

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Where did the play Tartuffe take place in Canada?

In October 2013, the National Arts Centre of Canada put on a performance of Tartuffe set in 1939 Newfoundland. It was adapted by Andy Jones, a Newfoundland playwright and actor who also performed the role of Tartuffe. In May 2014, the play was performed at the Ateliers Berthier theater in Paris, France.

When did Constantin Stanislavski finish the play Tartuffe?

The seminal Russian theatre practitioner Constantin Stanislavski was working on a production of Tartuffe when he died in 1938. It was completed by Mikhail Kedrov and opened on 4 December 1939.

Who are the main characters in Tartuffe ou L’Imposteur?

Tartuffe, or The Impostor, or The Hypocrite ( / tɑːrˈtʊf, – ˈtuːf /; French: Tartuffe, ou l’Imposteur, pronounced [taʁtyf u lɛ̃pɔstœʁ] ), first performed in 1664, is one of the most famous theatrical comedies by Molière. The characters of Tartuffe, Elmire, and Orgon are considered among the greatest classical theatre roles.