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Who is playing at the Montreux Jazz Festival 2020?

Who is playing at the Montreux Jazz Festival 2020?


  • Lionel Richie.
  • Lenny Kravitz.
  • Brittany Howard.
  • Black Pumas.

How many people attend the Montreux Jazz Festival?

250,000 spectators
Created in 1967 by Claude Nobs, the Montreux Jazz Festival has become over the years an essential event, generating fantastic stories and legendary performances. Nearly 250,000 spectators come to the Festival every year, enjoying a breathtaking setting, concerts with renowned acoustics and many free stages.

Where is the Montreux Jazz Club?


Montreux Jazz Festival
Dates First fortnight of July
Location(s) Montreux Convention Centre Grand-Rue 95 1820 Montreux Switzerland
Years active 1967–present

How long is Montreux Jazz Festival?

two weeks
Having made its reputation with its ambitious programming choices, the Montreux Jazz Festival offers musicians an ideal platform and an intimate setting for the duration of its two weeks.

Why is the Montreux Jazz Festival so important?

The Montreux Jazz Festival, a platform for creative freedom and encounters, is a one-of-a-kind playground for the artists. Some of them completely re-think their concerts just for Montreux, while others shine at the Festival’s legendary jam sessions and offer fascinating workshops. “Montreux Jazz is for people who really love music.

When did Claude Nobs perform at Montreux Jazz Festival?

Le Montreux Jazz Festival se déroule durant deux semaines chaque été en Suisse, au bord du lac Léman. Fondé en 1967 par Claude Nobs, le Montreux Jazz Festival est devenu au fil des ans un rendez-vous incontournable, générateur d’histoires et de performances légendaires.

Who are some famous people that played at Montreux?

1 Alanis Morissette: Live at Montreux 2012 (CD/DVD/Blu-ray) 2 Alice Cooper: Live at Montreux, 2005 (CD/DVD) 3 Atlantic Family: The Atlantic Family Live at Montreux, 1977 4 Baby Consuelo: Baby Consuelo ao Vivo – 14th Montreux Jazz Festival, 1980 5 Benny Carter: Benny Carter 4: Montreux ’77 (Pablo Live, 1977)

Which is the second largest Jazz Festival in the world?

It is the second largest annual jazz festival in the world after Canada’s Montreal International Jazz Festival. The Montreux Jazz Festival opened on 18 June 1967 and was founded by Claude Nobs, Géo Voumard and René Langel with considerable help from Ahmet and Nesuhi Ertegun of Atlantic Records. The festival was first held at Montreux Casino.