Who is Gulshan Grover daughter?

Who is Gulshan Grover daughter?

Gulshan Grover Height, Weight, Age, Wife & More

Name Earned Bad Man
Wife Filomina Grover (m. 1998; div. 2001) Kashish Grover (m. 2001; div. 2002)
Children Daughter- None Son- Sanjay Grover
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Who is Gulshan Grover father?

Bishambar Nath Grover
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Where is Gulshan Grover from?

New Delhi, India
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What is the real name of Gulshan Grover?

Grover holds a post graduate degree from Delhi’s Shri Ram College of Commerce and was associated with ‘Little Theatre Group’ for a long time before launching into the Hindi film industry….

Gulshan Grover
Grover in 2013
Born 21 September 1955 New Delhi, Delhi, India
Nationality Indian
Other names “Bad Man” of Bollywood

Who is Gulshan Grover’s wife?

Kashish Groverm. 2001–2002
Filomina Groverm. 1998–2001
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Who is Amrish son?

Rajiv Puri
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When Amrish Puri’s Son, Rajeev Puri Had Revealed His Father’s Words During His Last Days.

Who is the wife of actor Gulshan Grover?

They have a son named Sanjay Grover. The couple parted ways in 2001. After getting divorced, he married Kashish in 2001 but the marriage lasted only for 10 months. Later, the actor was also rumoured to be engaged with the actress Somy Ali. Gulshan started his acting career in 1980 with the film “Hum Paanch.”

Who is the father of Gulshan Grover Son?

He belong to a well know family in India. His family migrated from Rawalpindi Pakistan to Delhi India. Gulshan was born to Karan Singh Grover and his wife Ramrakhi Grover. His father had his own family business in India. He described his family as one of the best families in the world who always helped him to establish his career.

When did Gulshan Grover and Kashish Grover divorce?

This couple has a son together. After their divorced Gulshan Grover tied the knot to Kashish Grover in 2001 but ended up after one year in 2002. He is currently single and enjoying her bachelor life. He has a beloved son Sanjay Grover from his first wife Filomina Grover. Gulshan loves his son a lot and always tries to be with him at every occasion.

Which is the birthday of Gulshan Grover in India?

Gulshan Grover is one of the top actors present in India, who has not work only in Indian film industry but also showed her talent in Hollywood film industry. He has been celebrating his birthday on 21st September since 1955.