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Who is Goldbell?

Who is Goldbell?

Headquartered in Singapore and has operations in Malaysia and Vietnam. On 27 October 1980, Goldbell was established by our Chairman, William Chua, and his father, the late Mr Chua Kim Cheng. For decades, the Goldbell Group has been the leading local and regional partner for many businesses.

Who owns Goldbell?

William Chua
William Chua is the chairman of Goldbell Group, Singapore’s largest commercial vehicles and industrial equipment distribution and leasing company. His son Arthur, the CEO, is leading the group into the future of mobility with autonomous products.

Who is William Chua?

William Chua is a corporate partner based in Hong Kong. Mr. Chua is a broad-gauged transactional lawyer with deep experience in private equity and strategic M&A, finance and capital markets. Chua leads Debevoise’s private equity investment, buyout and M&A practices in Asia.

How big is Goldbell?

Their father was listed as Singapore’s top 50 richest back in 2016 with a net worth of $455 million, and currently heads the company as chairman. Goldbell owns a fleet of over 7,500 trucks, vans, cars, buses and forklifts, which it rents to businesses like transport firms and logistics startups.

Who are the sons of William Chua of goldbell?

William Chua’s Goldbell, though best known for the Goldbell tower, a prominent office building, is a leading distributor of commercial vehicles used by a range of industries, including shipping, oil & gas and construction. Sons Alex and Arthur run daily operations, which extend to China, Vietnam, Malaysia and Australia.

Who is the chairman of the goldbell group?

William Chua is the Chairman of Goldbell Group. William has over 40 years of experience in the industrial vehicle space, this includes material handling equipment and commercial vehicles. In 1980, he established Goldbell Engineering Pte Ltd, a multi-franchise distribution conglomerate.

What did Chua Geok Eng do in Singapore?

In 1980, he established Goldbell Engineering Pte Ltd, a multi-franchise distribution conglomerate. Under his leadership, Goldbell Group has become Singapore’s market leader in both distribution and leasing of commercial vehicles, with operations in Vietnam, Malaysia and Australia.

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