Who is Dan Hatfield?

Who is Dan Hatfield?

Dan Hatfield was the TV presenter of Channel 4’s Posh Pawnbrokers. He now has a new Channel 4 show, Collection Hunters, which is along the same antique lines.

Is James of Posh Pawn married?

James is engaged to his colleague Claudia Valentin, an expert on designer handbags. He is estimated to be worth £5.2m.

What happened to Jo in Posh Pawn?

Fans of Channel 4’s hit show Posh Pawn have been left dismayed after one of the stars of the programme Jo Lawlor, known by her friends and new fan base as the ‘Queen of Banter’, left the show. The TV personality decided to quit the show following an argument with owner of Prestige Pawn James Constantinou.

Who is the owner of Posh Pawn?

From fossilised whale vomit to Queen Victoria’s underwear, there isn’t much James Constantinou won’t lend money against. The 50-year-old entrepreneur and star of Channel 4’s Posh Pawn series has made a name for himself as the man who will loan money for anything – and it’s a gamble that’s paid off.

Who is Dan on million pound pawn?

Million Pound Pawn viewers will know expert Dan Hatfield has to deliver both good and bad news to guests who appear on the ITV show.

What else has Dan Hatfield been in?

Dan Hatfield (IV)

  • Known For. Collection Hunters Actor (2018)
  • Actor. Collection Hunters (2018)

Has Posh Pawn been Cancelled?

As for James’ brush with the world of entertainment via Posh Pawn, it appears that after five years and seven series, the show has come to an end.

Where is Posh Pawn filmed?

Filming Posh Pawn – Bourbon Hanby Arcade.

Where is posh pawn filmed?

How does Posh pawn work?

We will loan money to you, against the value of the items you bring into us. We specialise in jewellery, watches, gold, fine art and antiques. Our interest is charged daily so you only pay for the period we hold your item and you can pay off your loan anytime within 7 months.

Who is Dan on Million Pound Pawn?

What kind of Pawn Shop is Posh Pawn?

Series Posh Pawn centres on high-end pawn shop Prestige Pawn, with customers bringing in a range of exclusive items, from designer vintage handbags to helicopters. During her time on the show personal assistant Jo Lawlor amassed a legion of fans thanks to her sense of humour, banter and lively personality that kept James Constantinou in check.

How old is James from Posh Pawn show?

Name James Constantinou Birthday / Age / Date of Birth / How old / DOB Born in 1967. As of 2021, he is around 54 years old. James Constantinou is an English entrepreneur, media personality and the star of an incredibly popular television show ‘Posh Pawn’ on channel four.

Who is Jo Lawlor on Posh Pawn Channel 4?

To find out more about Jo Lawlor’s views visit Jo Lawlor worked as a personal assistant to the managing director of Prestige Pawnbrokers James Constantinou and featured on Channel 4’s Posh Pawn.

How many seasons of Posh Pawn have there been?

The one-off documentary was a major hit & dismantled all previous records for its time slot in the channel’s schedule, and soon after, a decision to produce a whole series was made. ‘Posh Pawn’ has had a successful run ever since its release and multiple seasons have been telecasted.