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Who gets NATO medal?

Who gets NATO medal?

NATO Medal
Awarded for 30 days of either cumulative or consecutive service in Afghanistan as a NATO military service member (ISAF)
Presented by the North Atlantic Treaty Organization
Eligibility Military service members and NATO civilian employees (NATO Meritorious Service Medal)

Can I wear my NATO ISAF Medal?

Can I wear the NATO ISAF as I am no longer serving? All awards to UK citizens require the permission of the Sovereign to accept and wear, regardless of whether you are serving or not. The NATO ISAF was not put forward for approval to wear as recipients of this also receive the OSM Afghanistan.

Can you wear two NATO medals?

Am I authorized a second award of the NATO Medal? A10: No. Subsequent awards of the NATO Medal are only authorized for service in different NATO operations. You served and are currently serving with ISAF, as a result, you are only authorized the initial NATO Medal you were awarded.

What is the Non-Article 5 NATO Medal?

The North Atlantic Treaty Organization has approved a Non-Article 5 NATO medal for personnel participating in NATO support operation International Security Assistance Force in Afghanistan. The Deputy Secretary of Defense has authorized the acceptance and wear of this medal by US military and US civilian members.

What was the non Article 5 NATO Medal for service on?

The official description, eligibility, criteria, and history of the Non-Article 5 NATO Medal for Service on NATO Operation UNIFIED PROTECTOR – LIBYA. In the spring of 2011, a multi-state coalition began a military intervention in Libya in response to events during the Libyan civil war.

When did NATO Operation Unified Protector start and end?

The NATO Operation UNIFIED PROTECTOR formally began on 23 March 2011 and ended on 31 October 2011. Awarded for thirty consecutive or 60 cumulative days of honourable service under NATO Operation UNIFIED PROTECTOR commencing on 23 March 2011 and ending on 31 October 2011.

Is the NATO Meritorious Service Medal a foreign award?

NATO Meritorious Service Medal (MSM) – for remarkable service in the interests of the Alliance. The award of this medal lies outside the conditions for the award of NATO medals established specifically for campaigns and operations. It is considered a foreign award and is therefore subject to the rules described in Chapter 6.

Can a NATO Medal be worn with a United Nations Medal?

This arrangement may lead to some U.S. military personnel with the NATO MSM separated by the United Nations Medal from the standard NATO Medal. As it is a personal foreign decoration, the NATO MSM is the only NATO medal that can worn concurrently with the standard NATO Medal.