Who bought the Shelby for 5 million?

Who bought the Shelby for 5 million?

After two decades, the IRS seized the car and sold it at auction to Chris Cox, who sold it to Richard Scaife in 1998, but then re-acquired it in 2006. Ron Pratte acquired the car in 2007, setting the aforementioned world-record auction price at Barrett-Jackson. The current owner acquired the car in 2015.

How much did Ken Miles Shelby sell for?

Ford Shelby GT350 Raced by Ken Miles Sold for $5.2 Million.

What did Carroll Shelby’s Cobra sell for 2021?

$5.5 million
The most extreme factory-built Shelby Cobra in existence is coming up for auction. UPDATE (March 29, 2021): The Cobra Super Snake sold on Saturday at a final hammer price of $5.5 million.

Why does Ford own Shelby?

Shelby proposed his sports car to Ford Motor Company, who liked the idea of offering a sports car that would go head-to-head with the Chevrolet Corvette. Carroll, always the racer, explained his ambition to race Cobras against Corvette in the USA and against Ferrari in Europe.

What was the most expensive Mustang ever sold?

The car was expected to go for half that at auction over the weekend. The collector’s market for vintage Ford Mustangs received an unexpected jolt over the weekend when a one-off 1967 Shelby GT500 Super Snake went for $2.2 million at a Florida auction, doubling pre-show estimates to become the most expensive Mustang ever sold.

Why did Carroll Shelby build the Ford Mustang?

Carroll Shelby originally built it for Goodyear to use in a high-speed test the company arranged to promote its new line of Thunderbolt tires. The event would involve hours of sustained, high-speed driving on a track—so what better to power the Mustang than a 427 racing engine from the Le Mans-winning Ford GT40?

How many horsepower does a 427 Mustang have?

That 427 V8 was rebuilt with additional aluminum parts and tuned to 520 horsepower, a number that still holds up over a half-century later. It was specifically designed to run at 6,000 rpm for long periods of time.