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Who are the best Defenceman in the NHL?

Who are the best Defenceman in the NHL?

Ryan Ellis lands on the Top 20 Defensemen list

  • Erik Karlsson, San Jose Sharks. Karlsson led the Sharks with 40 points (six goals, 34 assists) in 56 games through Feb.
  • Jaccob Slavin, Carolina Hurricanes.
  • Shea Weber, Montreal Canadiens.

What makes a good Defenceman in hockey?

A good defenseman will: Maintain good defensive positioning (stay between the puck carrier and the net) Initiate breakouts from defensive zone. Make clean crisp outlet passes.

Who is the oldest goalie in the NHL right now?


  • 40 years, 288 days – Tony Esposito (1984)
  • 40 years, 107 days – Terry Sawchuk (1970)
  • 40 years, 96 days – Craig Anderson (Present)
  • 40 years, 66 days – Sean Burke (2007)
  • 40 years, 32 days – Hap Holmes (1928)
  • 40 years, 10 days – Tim Thomas (2014)
  • 40 years, 3 days – Roberto Luongo (2019)

Who are the top 10 centers in the NHL?

Position eligibility is updated for 2020-21….FANTASY TOP 50 CENTERS

  • Nathan MacKinnon, C, COL.
  • Connor McDavid, C, EDM.
  • Leon Draisaitl, C/LW, EDM.
  • Auston Matthews, C, TOR.
  • Sidney Crosby, C, PIT.
  • Jack Eichel, C, BUF.
  • Sebastian Aho, C, CAR.
  • Elias Pettersson, C, VAN**

Who leads the NHL in hits?

NHL All-Time Hits Leaders

Rk Name GP
1 Dustin Brown 1232
2 Cal Clutterbuck 874
3 Matthew Martin 746

What makes a good defenseman in the NHL?

Anticipation and a good active stick help Slavin. It also helps that he always seems to be in the right place, which makes it easier for him to make good defensive plays. Takeaways is a really weird stat, but Slavin leads all NHL defensemen in that category the past four seasons.

How are the defensemen ranked in fantasy hockey? ranks the top 50 fantasy hockey defensemen for next season in standard leagues. For more coverage, visit and subscribe for free to the “NHL Fantasy on Ice” podcast. Standard fantasy categories include goals, assists, plus/minus, power-play points, shots on goal and hits for skaters.

Who is the 20 year old NHL defenseman?

The 20-year-old blueliner underwent surgery for the removal of a malignant tumor in his neck, suffered a case of the mumps and re-injured his surgically repaired shoulder, leading to another procedure—this one a season-ender. So, yeah, it’s probably a campaign he’d like to forget. Fortunately, scouts have longer memories.

How are hockey players ranked in the NHL?

Our process leans heavily on analytics, and involves creating a 100-point scale for every position. A grade of 50 indicates an average player at his position, with a higher total obviously being better. For the most part talent tends to cluster around the average, with elite players being relatively rare.