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Who are the actors in the movie Vedalam?

Who are the actors in the movie Vedalam?

Vedalam (transl. Phantom/Genie) is a 2015 Indian Tamil -language action film written and directed by Siva, and produced by Aishwarya. the film features Ajith Kumar, Lakshmi Menon and Shruti Haasan and in the lead roles, with Rahul Dev, Kabir Duhan Singh, and Soori in supporting roles.

When did Vedalam the Saviour come out?

Production began in April 2015 and was released on 10 November 2015, coinciding with Diwali. Upon release it received mixed to positive reviews from critics but was a successful venture at the box office. It was remade in Bengali in 2018 as Sultan: The Saviour.

Who is the distributor of the movie Vedalam?

The film yielded a distributor share of ₹ 40 crore in Tamil Nadu. The satellite rights of the film were sold to Jaya TV. Vedalam ‘ s Tamil Nadu rights were sold to Jazz Cinemas for 33 crore. It was remade in Bengali in 2018 as Sultan: The Saviour by Raja Chanda starring Jeet.

What was the plot of the movie Vedhalam?

‘Vedhalam’ is a run-of-the-mill mass masala film which follows the ‘Baashaa’ template. But here the director had concentrated more on sister sentiment quotient. The plot goes as below : Ganesh (Ajith Kumar), with his lovely sister (Lakshmi Menon) leads a simple life in Kolkotta. But Ganesh happens to target underworld dons with intention.


Please try again later. Vedalam Tamil movie scenes ft Ajith, Shruti Haasan and Lakshmi Menon. Music by Anirudh, directed by Siva and produced by AM Ratnam, S Aishwarya. Vedhalam Tamil movie also stars Soori, Thambi Ramaiah, Rahul Dev and Ashwin among others. Enjoy & stay connected with us for more latest Tamil movies!

What is the playback ID for Vedalam Tamil movie?

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Who is Thamizh in the movie Vedalam?

Swetha follows him and is horrified by his actions and wishes to stop the marriage between Arjun and Thamizh, but Ganesh reveals that Thamizh is not actually his sister. A year ago, Vedhalam (Ganesh) was a terrifying rowdy and mercenary who was arrested but freed from custody in return for saving the police from a rival gang in exchange for money.