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Which tatkal extension is best?

Which tatkal extension is best?

5 Best Fastest Tatkal Ticket Booking Software to Book IRCTC Ticket in 2021

  • MyRailInfo Plug-in / Autofill extension (Rs. 10 per tatkal booking)
  • My Fast Booking – Autofill Extension (Rs. 10 per tatkal booking)
  • EasyTatkal.com Extension (Rs.
  • Roboform (30 Days Free Trial Software)
  • Tatkal Now (First 3 bookings free then Rs.

Which browser is best for tatkal booking?

Google Chrome is the best browser so far and you can completely rely on it for IRCTC tatkal booking. It works faster and effectively even on a system with low resources. Similarly, it works faster than any advanced browser. Successful IRCTC tatkal booking associates with Google chrome, the right browser.

Is there any software to book tatkal ticket?

Tatkal For Sure is a mobile app and chrome extension, which helps ease the process of tatkal ticket booking by autofilling the details and booking the tatkal ticket on the IRCTC website for you with respect to railway tatkal timing.

Can I book Tatkal ticket from Irctc app?

IRCTC Tatkal Ticket Booking: Indian Railways tatkal train tickets can be booked via Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation (IRCTC) website app or third-party apps like Paytm. Tatkal ticket bookings for AC class opens from 10 am while the window for non-AC class opens at 11 am.

How can I book Tatkal ticket with extension?

How to use extension: Steps: 1- Add extension on browser and click over it. 2- Create account for you so that we can serve you better. 3- Fill the booking form and click on the save button this will redirect you in main website.. Now you are ready to book your ticket.

How can I book Tatkal ticket in 30 seconds?

To know how to book Tatkal ticket in 30 seconds online watch the complete slide.

  1. Login IRCTC before 10 am.
  2. Click on my profile.
  3. Fill all the details related to travellers.
  4. Click on my profile again.
  5. Fill all the details about the train.
  6. Again log in to the IRCTC website.
  7. Click on select favourite journey list.

Can I book tatkal ticket from IRCTC app?

Is tatkal ticket confirmed?

Not only the second class category, but tatkal bookings are allowed in all classes except First AC and Executive class. One of the drawbacks in booking tatkal tickets is that there is no guaranteed confirmation. Tickets are not always confirmed and they are also costly in comparison to normal train tickets.