Which sub county is Kisii?

Which sub county is Kisii?

Its capital and largest town is Kisii. The county has a population of 1,266,860 people. It borders Nyamira County to the North East, Narok County to the South and Homabay and Migori Counties to the West….

Kisii County
• Total 1,317.9 km2 (508.8 sq mi)
Population (2019)
• Total 1,266,860
Time zone UTC+3 (EAT)

How many sub county are in Kisii?

9 sub-counties
The county covers a total area of 1,332.7 km square and is divided into nine constituencies namely: Kitutu Chache North, Kitutu Chache South, Nyaribari Masaba, Nyaribari Chache, Bomachoge Borabu, Bomachoge Chache, Bobasi, South Mugirango and Bonchari. It has 9 sub-counties and 45 Wards respectively.

Which part of Kenya is Kisii?

western Kenya
Kisii is located in western Kenya, on latitude: 0° 41′ 0 S and longitude: 34° 46′ 0 E. The town is a driving distance of 309 km (192 mi) from the capital city of Nairobi, located east-southeast, on Class B3 all-weather road.

How big is Kisii?

68 km²

Is Sub County same as constituency?

A sub-county is similar to a constituency, the latter which is a decentralized unit for the national government.

How many sub counties are in Nyamira County?

There are 5 sub counties, 14 divisions, 46 locations and 114 sub-locations.

How big is Nyamira County?

912.5 km²
Nyamira County/Area

How long is the bus from Nairobi to Kisii?

The distance between Nairobi and Kisii is 238 km. The road distance is 305.5 km. How do I travel from Nairobi to Kisii without a car? The best way to get from Nairobi to Kisii without a car is to bus which takes 5h 52m and costs $55 – $75.

What is Kisii known for?

The Kisii (also known as Abagusii or Gusii) are western Bantu speakers. It is said that they took their name from their founder and patriarch Mogusii. They are known for soapstone carvings and farming of bananas and indigenous vegetables.

Who is in charge of sub-county in Kenya?

Sub-counties will be headed by a sub-county administrator, appointed by a County Public Service Board. Under the former Constitution of Kenya, the Provinces of Kenya were subdivided into a number of districts (wilaya).

Is Ruiru a sub-county?

Kiambu County has twelve (12) constituencies, which are Gatundu South, Gatundu North, Juja, Thika Town, Ruiru, Githunguri, Kiambu, Kiambaa, Kikuyu, Kabete, Limuru, and Lari….Political Units.

Constituency Ruiru
Area(Km2) 201.4
No Of Wards 8
No Of Sub Locations 9

Which number is Nyeri County?

List of counties

Code County Capital
19 Nyeri Nyeri
20 Kirinyaga Kerugoya / Kutus
21 Murang’a Murang’a
22 Kiambu Kiambu

How many constituencies are there in Nairobi County?

As for Nairobi, county number forty-seven, it has seventeen sub-counties also referred to as constituencies. Each constituency has five wards with MCAs playing ward representatives.

What are the sub-counties and wards in Nairobi?

Sub-Counties and Wards in Nairobi. 1 1. Westlands. This sub-county covers about 72 km2. Its member of parliament is Timothy Wanyonyi Wetangula, who was elected under the ODM ticket last 2 2. Dagoretti North. 3 3. Dagoretti South. 4 4. Langata. 5 5. Kibra.

Which is the largest county in Kenya by population?

Mutuini – 20,000 people covering footage of 5 km2. Ngando – 3.2 km2 with a population of 32,000 people. Riruta – 4.2 km2 with the largest population of 65,000 people. Uthiru/ Ruthimitu – 7.9 km2 and a population of 33,000 people. Waithaka – same footage as Mutuini but with 31,000 people.

Who is the Member of Parliament for Nairobi South?

This constituency was previously known as Nairobi south before kibra was split, creating a different region hence a different name. The member of parliament is Nixon Korir, who won the seat with the Jubilee ticket. Square footage and population are yet to be established. Mugumu-ini – largest ward with 126.4 km2