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Which is the best sector 9 longboard to buy?

Which is the best sector 9 longboard to buy?

Sector 9 Fat Wave 30.5″ hybrid cruiser The Fat Wave is a “fat” stubby board (30″ x 9.8″), an 80’s-inspired surf-style shape with the widest aspect ratio of the whole Sector 9 lineup.

How big is a sector 9 ninety five?

Sector 9 Ninety Five 30.5″ and Chop Hop 30.5″ The Ninety Five’s are hybrid street/cruiser boards for city slashing and street/park. Similar to some regular street skateboards, they’re sized 30.5″ x 8.375″ with a 14.25″ wheelbase.

What kind of deck is sector 9 Sentinel?

The Sector 9 Sentinel is a 37.5″ by 9.25″ (28″ wheelbase) directional deck with ample wheel cutouts and drop-through truck mount. This deck has a 5-ply bamboo construction resulting in great flex for carving and pumping. It’s similar in shape to the Mini Lookout (see above).

How big is the sector 9 Meridian deck?

Sector 9 Meridian 40″ review The Sector 9 Meridian is a solid 40″ x 9.75″ symmetrical twin-kick freeride shape with topmount design and huge wheel cutouts. This sturdy 8-ply deck has a very large foot platform with a drop, elaborate concave, and decent double kicks. It has a 30.5″ wheelbase.

Which is the best longboarding company in the world?

Based in San Diego California, Sector 9 Longboards has been in the market for nearly 30 years and has established itself as one of the largest quality longboarding companies in the world. Sector 9 makes an impressive number of models each year catering to all levels of riders and all riding styles.

What’s the wheelbase of a sector 9 surfboard?

The Sector 9 Bambino is a gorgeous looking, surfboard-shaped mini cruiser, ideal for everyday inner city or campus commuting. The 14″ wheelbase is comparable to a traditional street deck, making this cruiser super quick and nimble, and easy to pop thanks to the big (relatively speaking) kick.