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Which is the best definition of a provocateur?

Which is the best definition of a provocateur?

Definition of provocateur 1 : agent provocateur 2 : one who provokes a political provocateur Synonyms Did You Know?

Who is the provocateur in the state of Colorado?

— Washington Post, 28 Apr. 2021 In Colorado, Democratic state Sen. Kerry Donovan plans to challenge first-term Rep. Lauren Boebert, a conservative firebrand who has gotten national notice as a gun-toting provocateur.

Who are some examples of social media provocateurs?

Recent Examples on the Web Laura Loomer, a social media provocateur who has been banned from most social media platforms, ran for a South Florida U.S. House seat as a Republican last year.

Definition of provocateur. 1 : agent provocateur. 2 : one who provokes a political provocateur. Synonyms Did You Know?

Who is the agent provocateur of class consciousness?

Rather than a “kaleidoscope endowed with consciousness,” he is an insurgent, an agent provocateur of class consciousness through art. Perhaps it was a nervous expediter, perhaps it was an agent provocateur in the crowd. My answer was that a study of many labor cases had taught me the methods of the agent provocateur .

What did the FBI use an agent provocateur for?

The government used agents provocateurs to try to undermine the opposition party. Recent Examples on the Web At the same time, agents provocateurs played a significant role in the turbulence. — Adam Hochschild, The New Yorker, 4 Nov. 2019 It is now known who that agent provocateur was that the FBI used and John Brennan used and James Clapper.

Who are some of the most famous provocateurs on Facebook?

It’s a clear distinction between Substack, which is often associated with bomb-throwers like Glenn Greenwald, and Facebook itself, where conservative provocateur s like Ben Shapiro, Dan Bongino, and Sean Hannity thrive.