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Which is a synonym of Gormandize?

Which is a synonym of Gormandize?

What is another word for gormandize?

devour glut
gobble gulp
wolf bolt
cram gorge
ingurgitate inhale

What do you mean by Gormandize?

intransitive verb. : to eat gluttonously or ravenously. transitive verb. : to eat greedily : devour.

What is a Gourmandizer?

Definitions of gourmandizer. a person who is devoted to eating and drinking to excess. synonyms: glutton, gourmand, trencherman. type of: eater, feeder.

How do you use Gormandize in a sentence?

How to use gormandize in a sentence

  1. Go to, thou gorged dullard, and tell thy master to gormandize without me.
  2. She satirizes human foibles and weaknesses, showing ghosts that gossip and gormandize, simper and swear as they did in life.

Which would be the closest antonym for the word gorge?

antonyms for gorge

  • open.
  • starve.
  • dissatisfy.
  • deprive.
  • nibble.
  • fast.
  • diet.
  • abstain.

What does the word foppery mean?

foolish character
1 : foolish character or action : folly. 2 : the behavior or dress of a fop.

Which is the best definition of the word gormandize?

verb (used with or without object), gor·mand·ized, gor·mand·iz·ing. to eat greedily or ravenously.

Where does the term Gourmandise come from?

Chiefly British. gourmandize. We can revel in it, gourmandise on it, smack our lips over it, and the more we get of it the better we shall be. Elsewhere the practice may be due to superstition in one form or another; among the Battas it is simply gourmandise.

What is the power of a dullard to gormandize?

Their power to gormandize seems unlimited, and the number of insects they can swallow without protest is almost incredible. And others enjoy themselves and gormandize themselves with our labor; and they hold us like dogs on chains, in ignorance. Go to, thou gorged dullard, and tell thy master to gormandize without me.