Which Creepypastas are in Marble Hornets?

Which Creepypastas are in Marble Hornets?

Marble Hornets (abbreviated MH) is a Slender Man-based YouTube series/ARE (Alternate Reality Experience)….MarbleHornets.

Marble Hornets
Starring Troy Wagner, Joseph DeLage, Tim Sutton

What happened to the Marble Hornets guys?

As of June 16, 2019, the principal channel has over 100 million views. On August 3, 2015, a follow-up series titled Clear Lakes 44 was uploaded onto the Marble Hornets channel. As of April 2016, Clear Lakes 44 was cancelled after the members of the creative team went their separate ways, as confirmed by Wagner.

Is Alex from Marble Hornets dead?

He died after a long confrontation between Tim and himself; Tim stabbed him in the neck and finished him after he fell to the floor, writhing. With his last words he implored Tim to carry on his mission and to kill everyone connected to the Operator, then kill himself.

Is Jessica Skully?

Skully is an identity adopted by the main antagonist of the comic series, Marble Hornets. They first appear in Issue #1, stalking Jessica on her delivery run. Their true identity is the identities of those who lost their lives to The Operator, including Jay, Amy, Beardy, and Alex.

Who is Jessica from Marble Hornets?

Jessica is a central character in Marble Hornets. She was Amy’s roommate and the only other noticable occupant in the hotel when Jay wakes up after his seven month memory lapse.

When was Masky born?

December 20th, 1995
Timothy Wright was born on December 20th, 1995.

Who is Tim Wright Marble Hornets?

Timothy “Tim” Wright was a former college student, former actor in Marble Hornets, and longtime victim of the Operator. He was also formerly known as the Masked Man when he worked as part of totheark with former friend Brian Thomas.

Plot. The series follows Jay Merrick (Troy Wagner), a young man who attempts to find out what happened during the filming of Marble Hornets, an unfinished student film helmed by Jay’s friend, Alex Kralie (Joseph DeLage).

How many Marble Hornets entries are there?

MH is based around the filmings of Jay, known as Entries. As of July 2014, there are 87 entries, along with three “. 5” entries, the anonymous ##### entry, the unnumbered introductory video and 40 accompanying IG videos from the series’ unknown antagonist, totheark.

Is Tim in the Marble Hornets comics?

Tim’s First Appearance Entry #9 is Tim’s first appearance, making an appearance as a character talking to Sarah.

Is always watching a marble Hornets story on Netflix?

Scary Movies on Netflix — ALWAYS WATCHING: A MARBLE HORNETS STORY (2015)

Who are the Marble Hornets in Slender Man?

Marble Hornets (abbreviated MH) is a Slender Man -based YouTube series/ARE ( Alternate Reality Experience ). It was the first Slenderman ARE to be created and set the trend for those that followed as well as bringing Slender Man to a wider audience and influencing canon.

Who is the operator in the Marble Hornets?

Early entries consisted of tapes from the Marble Hornets film and of those taken by Alex who obsessively recorded himself in order to capture The Operator stalking him. Eventually, the entries turn to videos taken by Jay, cataloging his efforts to discover Alex’s whereabouts and unravel the mystery surrounding The Operator.

Who is the operator in the Slender Man?

The Operator – An entity of unknown origin or motivation which first came into contact with Alex during the shooting of Marble Hornets. Ever since Jay’s encounter, Jay has been running for his life trying to figure out its mysterious connection to Alex. It is obviously based on the Slender Man.

What was the first entry in the marblehornets?

Entry #15 is the first entry to be filmed by Jay after the events of Marble Hornets, concerning his search for Alex Kralie. It is made up of an interview with the character of Tim, a cynical actor known for his short temper and the smoking of cigarettes. Jay convinces Tim that they are simply trying to finish the film.