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Which cloud 9 underlay is best?

Which cloud 9 underlay is best?

The cloud 9 Cumulus is a Ball & Young best seller. It’s highly sought-after by tradesmen and consumers. This is partly because of the outstanding ratings it has at such a great price. The Cumulus is a 11mm thick underlay, which has a warmth rating of 3.1 tog and a sound reduction rating of 43db.

What is the best thickness for underlay?

How thick should carpet underlay be? Carpet underlay can give your carpet a really thick cushioned feeling so overall you should get as thick an underlay as possible. Popular manufacturers make underlay of around 11mm-12mm and this is ideal.

How wide is Cloud 9 underlay?

The Cloud 9 Cirrus Carpet Underlay is a luxury carpet underlay which feels fantastic underfoot! This underlay is supplied in Easy to Lift rolls. Each roll is 1.37m wide. This 9mm thick carpet underlay will make your new carpet feel better and last longer.

What is the best underlay?

The best type of underlay for carpet is PU foam. It is the best option due its many advantages over alternative types of underlay such as its strong heat insulation abilities and the soft underfoot it provides. However, sponge rubber is another solid option.

Does Cloud 9 underlay smell?

Its the only underlay that has been treated with “Stay Fresh” technology meaning spills and smells from household pet accidents will be neutralized.

Is Cloud 9 underlay good for stairs?

Cloud 9 Cirrus has the optimum thickness for the stairs. It is lightweight, comfortable, durable and easy to fit on a staircase. With a 9mm thickness, this underlay is perfect for the stairs.

Is 10mm underlay too thick?

What is the best underlay for stairs? We recommend going no thicker than 11mm for the stairs as anything over this will be very difficult to fit – read our guide on how to fit stairs carpet for more info. 9mm is the optimum thickness, however it can depend on the density of the underlay.

Is 12mm underlay too thick?

Carpet underlay comes in a number of different thicknesses. Generally speaking 7mm is about as thin as you want to go unless you have a specialist need for something thinner, but 8-12mm is the band most manufacturers produce carpet underlay with 9-11mm being the most popular products.

Can you double up on carpet underlay?

The life of the carpet will be lowered if two layers of pad are put under it. The carpet will bend from traffic if there is too much cushion. Wrinkles will wear out quicker if they need to be re stretched from time to time.

Is Cloud 9 underlay suitable for underfloor heating?

Underlay for all types of flooring For example, Cloud 9 Cumulus – a polyurethane (PU) foam underlay – is ideal when fitting a carpet in your living room or hallway. Cloud 9 Cush n Wood is great for wooden or laminate flooring. One product, Cloud 9 Radiance, is even suitable for use with underfloor heating.

Is rubber underlay toxic?

New Rubber and Foam Underlay Products As well as the damage done to the environment during their manufacture they slowly give toxins off over their lifetime, although the danger to our health from these isn’t conclusively proven.

Why does underlay smell fishy?

The new carpet smell is due to volatile organic compounds – known as VOC – which have a high vapour pressure at room temperature. As these compounds are released into the air a process of carpet off-gassing begins.

Which is the best underlay for Cloud 9?

Cloud 9 Super Contract is a 10 mm APT Underlay from the Cloud 9 range by Ball & Young. Cloud 9 Super Contract has a luxury use rating but is firmer than most luxury use underlays and is therefore ideal for use in contract and domestic use areas where a firm fitting with that extra touch of luxury is required.

What kind of underfoot is Cloud 9 Cirrus?

Cloud 9 Cirrus is a 9mm thick PU Sponge Foam underlay manufactured by Ball & Young Ltd. This quality underlay is used where a general/high degree of comfort is required around the house. It gives superb luxury underfoot as well as giving sound proofing & insulation properties.

What can Cloud 9 Super contract be used for?

Cloud 9 Super Contract has excellent thermal insulation properties and impact sound reduction properties and can be used in both stretch fit and double-stick applications. Cloud 9 Super Contract is guaranteed for the lifetime of the carpet when used in recommended areas. Smaller quantities and additional square metres @ £ 5.52

How big is a full roll of Cloud 9?

Keep reading to see comparisons between the top products. The most popular Cloud 9 roll size, when laid out is 15m2 (11m x 1.37m), but it can be purchased in quantities of smaller multiples, for example half rolls or full rolls. That means you don’t need to over-purchase.