Which article is used with animals?

Which article is used with animals?

Some grammar textbooks say we use the definite article when we refer to a specific type of animal, e.g. The cheetah can run at a high speed.

What is an animal article?

animal article means an article made from any captive animal or wild animal, other than vermin, and includes an article or object in which the whole or any part of such animal [has been used and ivory imported into India and an article made therefrom].

Is animal science a biological science?

Animal science (also bioscience) is described as “studying the biology of animals that are under the control of humankind”. It can also be described as the production and management of farm animals.

Do animals have anything to do with biology?

Animals are good research subjects for a variety of reasons. They are biologically similar to humans and susceptible to many of the same health problems. Also, they have short life-cycles so they can easily be studied throughout their whole life-span or across several generations.

Which article is used for dog?

The definite article is used before singular and plural nouns when the noun is specific or particular. The signals that the noun is definite, that it refers to a particular member of a group. For example: “The dog that bit me ran away.” Here, we’re talking about a specific dog, the dog that bit me.

Which article is used for cow?

When a singular noun is meant to represent a whole class to which it belongs, it is used with the definite article the. The cow is a useful animal. (Here the singular noun cow represents a whole class.)

What animal is Mew?


  • vb. (Zoology) (intr) (esp of a cat) to make a characteristic high-pitched cry.
  • such a sound.
  • (Animals) any seagull, esp the common gull, Larus canus. Also called: mew gull or sea mew.
  • (Falconry) a room or cage for hawks, esp while moulting.
  • vb. 1. (

Is human are animal?

Humans are classified as mammals because humans have the same distinctive features (listed above) found in all members of this large group. Humans are also classified within: the subgroup of mammals called primates; and the subgroup of primates called apes and in particular the ‘Great Apes’

Is animal science a major?

What Is an Animal Science Major? The animal science major prepares students with a foundation in science, math and, depending on a student’s interest, business so they can pursue careers in animal management, medicine, or research- and policy-related work.

What are animal scientists called?

Zoologist: A scientist who studies animal and animal life.

Is biology a animal?

An animal (plural: animals) refers to any of the eukaryotic multicellular organisms of the biological kingdom Animalia generally characterized to be heterotrophic, motile, having specialized sensory organs, lacking a cell wall, and growing from a blastula during embryonic development.