Where is the headquarters of Emirates?

Where is the headquarters of Emirates?

Dubai, United Arab Emirates
About Us. This website and our mobile applications and mobile websites (“the Platforms”) are owned and operated by Emirates, whose principal office is at Emirates Group Headquarters, PO Box 686, Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Emirates is a Dubai corporation established by Decree No.

Can I email Emirates?

To report security or privacy issues affecting The Emirates Group products or web servers, you can contact [email protected](Opens your email client). If you do not receive this email, please check the email address and send again.

Who is the owner of Emirates Group?

The Emirates Group
Emirates/Parent organizations

Does emirates have live chat?

We’re sorry, Live Chat is currently unavailable. Please call us if you’d like to speak with our customer service representative.

Is transguard part of Emirates Group?

Transguard is part of the Emirates Group. The Emirates Group also includes Emirates, one of the fast-growing airlines in the world, and Dnata, the Middle East’s largest travel management company.

How Do I Live chat with Emirates?

Just log into your account before opening a chat session, and our Virtual Assistants will provide you more personalised assistance about your upcoming flights. We will only use the email address you provide during the chat session to send you a copy of your conversation.

How is it to work for Emirates?


  1. At least 21 years of age at the time of joining.
  2. Arm reach of 212 cm while standing on tiptoes.
  3. Minimum height of 160 cm.
  4. High school graduate (Grade 12)
  5. Fluency in English (written and spoken)
  6. No visible tattoos while you’re in Emirates cabin crew uniform (cosmetic and bandage coverings aren’t allowed)

What is the best airline in the world?

Qatar Airways
Qatar Airways is voted the World’s Best Airline for the sixth time at the 2021 World Airline Awards. Most of 2020 and 2021 has been a catastrophic period for the world airline industry, as passenger demand plummeted and countries across the world were affected by lockdowns and severe travel restrictions.

How can I talk to an Emirates agent?

Emirates Customer Care No. 916700 3333

  1. 916700 3333 (For General Queries)
  2. 022-4097 4097 (For Flight Booking Queries)
  3. 022-6649 7979 (For Flight Booking Queries)
  4. 022 -3377 3377 (For Flight Booking Queries)
  5. 916708 3333 (For Baggage Related Queries)

What is the poorest airline in the world?

These are the world’s worst airlines.

  • Czech Airlines. On-time performance: 6.0.
  • Air Mauritius. On-time performance: 7.1.
  • Tap Air Portugal. On-time performance: 5.2.
  • Vueling Airlines. On-time performance: 6.1.
  • Aerolineas Argentinas. On-time performance: 8.0.
  • Transavia. On-time performance: 6.2.
  • Norwegian. On-time performance: 7.0.

Is Emirates the airline good?

Emirates is always a good airline to fly with. No matter whether it is for business or leisure. Planes are clean and tidy, leg room is specious. Entertainment is always at the high level. The only thing is service could be also at the higher level.

Where is Emirates office?

The airline’s head office is in the Emirates Group building in Al-Garhoud, Dubai. The building is located on Airport Road, across from the site of the Emirates Engineering Centre in 2007. A tunnel connects the building to Dubai International Airport.

What does Emirates do?

An emirate is the dignity, office, quality, or territorial competence of an Emir. An emirate is also used to describe any province of a state administered by a ruling class member, especially of a royal descent like in Saudi Arabia.