Where is the European Commission headquarters?

Where is the European Commission headquarters?

Headquarters. The departments and executive agencies of the Commission are based in Brussels and Luxembourg. Weekly meetings of the Commissioners take place in the Brussels headquarters and in Strasbourg.

What is DG in European Commission?

The Commission is organised into policy departments, known as Directorates-General (DGs), which are responsible for different policy areas. DGs develop, implement and manage EU policy, law, and funding programmes. In addition, service departments deal with particular administrative issues.

Who is the Commissioner for DG connect?

Neelie Kroes as European Commissioner for Digital Agenda. DG Communications Networks, Content and Technology.

How many DG are in the European Commission?

33 Directorate Generals
The EU Commission is composed of 33 Directorate Generals. Each is headed by a Director General under the responsibility of a Commissioner and deals with a specific policy area. Formerly DGs were referred to by a number. EU Commission President Romano Prodi changed the system so that they now have different names.

Can the European Parliament dismiss the Commission?

The European Parliament has the right to approve and dismiss the European Commission. The candidate is elected by the EP. The EP can censure the Commission and ultimately dismiss it.

Is European Commission an agency?

An agency of the European Union is a decentralised body of the European Union (EU), which is distinct from the institutions. Agencies are established to accomplish specific tasks….Decentralised agencies.

Official name European Asylum Support Office
Abbreviation EASO
Location Valletta
Member state Malta

How is the European Commission structured?

The commission is composed of a College of “Commissioners” of 27 members, including the President and vice-presidents. Even though each member is nominated on the basis of the suggestions made by the national governments, one per state, they do not represent their state in the commission.

What is the difference between the European Commission and the European Council?

The Council of the European Union represents governments, the Parliament represents citizens and the Commission represents the European interest. Essentially, the Council of the European Union, Parliament or another party place a request for legislation to the commission.

What’s the difference between the European Union and the European Commission?

The European Union is a bigger international political entity than the European Commission which is just one of its many subbranches. 2. The European Commission acts as an executive branch of the EU and is endowed with administrative functions as well as given the capacity to propose legislation.

How to contact a Department of the European Commission?

Contact the European Commission Contact a department +32 2 299 11 11 from 8.00 to 19.00 CET (Commission switchboard) List of departments Local offices in the EU Local offices outside the EU Commission staff Find a staff member Press services. Press contacts and accreditation. Data controller.

How to contact European Commission migration and Home Affairs?

For queries on home affairs and migration policies, please use this form or call the free-phone number 0080067891011 from anywhere in the 28 EU States to reach an operator who speaks your language. (1) You can also contact DG Migration and Home Affairs by post: EUROPEAN COMMISSION.

Who is the Directorate General for communications networks, content and Technology?

The Directorate‑General for Communications Networks, Content and Technology (DG CONNECT) develops and carries out the Commission’s policies on: Digital economy and society Digital economy and society. Research and innovation Research and innovation. Business and industry Business and industry. Culture and media Culture and media.