Where is Lake Tillery North Carolina located?

Where is Lake Tillery North Carolina located?

Lake Tillery is a reservoir between Falls Reservoir and Blewett Falls Lake in the Uwharrie Lakes Region of North Carolina. It is entirely within Stanly County and Montgomery County, NC….

Lake Tillery
Surface elevation 278 ft (85 m)
1 Shore length is not a well-defined measure.

Does Lake Tillery have a beach area?

The lake has an abundance of recreational things to do including a swimming area, public beaches, boating, water sports, picnic areas, and fishing – and much more! Numerous, beautiful lake front housing communities complete with private docks provide residents with year-round enjoyment of this popular destination.

Can you swim in Lake Tillery?

Camping, kayaking, fishing and deer along Lake Tillery. Get the most out of your watercraft activities on the lakes in Montgomery County. Click here for information on boat ramps, rentals, and more. Swimming is allowed anywhere on the lakes.

What is the deepest part of Lake Tillery?

61 m
Lake Tillery/Max depth

How Clean Is Lake Tillery?

WATER QUALITY OVERVIEW Of the monitored streams in the Lake Tillery / Pee Dee River subbasin 74 percent are supporting aquatic life and 22 percent do not meet the standards required to support aquatic life. Water quality is generally good compared to other subbasins within the greater Yadkin- Pee Dee River Basin.

What towns are near Lake Tillery NC?

City / Town Name Population State
Locust 6,018 NC
Midland NC
Misenheimer 460 NC
Mount Gilead 12,584 NC

What is the cleanest lake in NC?

Falls Lake
Falls Lake, since it bans gasoline-powered boats, is probably the cleanest North Carolina lake on this list.

What kind of fish is in Lake Tillery North Carolina?

Blue catfish
Flathead catfishBlack crappieChannel catfishLargemouth bass
Lake Tillery/Fish
The reservoir is 5,261-acres and is a popular destination for North Carolina anglers with many species of interest, including Largemouth Bass, Striped Bass, White Bass, White Perch, Black Crappie, Bluegill, Flathead Catfish and Blue Catfish.

Is Badin Lake contaminated?

Alcoa had a problem: Discharges from its long-shuttered aluminum smelting plant at North Carolina’s Badin Lake contained unacceptable levels of cyanide and fluoride even after partial re-construction of a water piping system required by a 2019 settlement SELC helped negotiate.

How long is Lake Tillery NC?

104 miles
Lake facts: Lake Tillery is more than 5,000 acres with 104 miles of shoreline. A maximum depth of 70 feet and water fluctuations are minor.

Who is the realtor for Lake Tillery NC?

Explore lake life with The Lake Lady, Lake Tillery’s top-selling Realtor®! Explore lake life with The Lake Lady, Lake Tillery’s top-selling Realtor®! Lake Tillery real estate is in the top ten lake homes and land market in North Carolina.

How big is the campground at Lake Tillery?

Norwood Campground offers 86 campsites surrounded by hardwood trees. We are located on nearly 40 acres with private access to Lake Tillery featuring 7 boat slips and a fishing pier for our campers’ enjoyment.

Who is Lynn Norman of Lake Tillery NC?

Lynn Norman was extremely helpful when selling our residence on Lake Tillery NC. She was key in negotiating the terms of the contract and ensuring that everything remained on tract. Lynn was there every step of the process which was very reassuring.

Is there a Norwood campground in Lake Tillery NC?

Our online reservations are currently disabled but we are still taking reservations over the phone, please feel free to contact us at 704.474.3800 Currently the Office / Store are closed, but we can still process transactions over the phone and deliver items straight to your camper, just text or call the office at 704.474.3800.