Where is KZ7 now?

Where is KZ7 now?

KZ7 was later donated to the US Merchant Marine Academy’s Sailing Foundation but was sold in 2016 to Johan Blach Petersen of Aarhus, Denmark where it is now actively racing in a growing Baltic 12mR fleet.

Who was the skipper of KZ7?

Aftermath & Crew changes For the regatta Chris Dickson and Brad Butterworth were taken off boat, replaced with David Barnes as skipper while future NZL 20 skipper Rod Davis acted as tactician.

Who won America’s Cup 1986?

Team New Zealand
With a crew that included seasoned sailors Brad Butterworth, Tom Schnackenberg, Murray Jones and Craig Monk, Team New Zealand had the crew and the boat to win the cup. Black Magic’s 5–0 thrashing of the defender, Stars & Stripes.

Who designed KZ7?

The New Zealand entry, KZ-7 Kiwi Magic, was one of a trio of boats built for Sir Michael Fay’s first America’s Cup challenge and designed by a team including Laurie Davidson, Ron Holland and Bruce Farr. The first boat in the series, KZ3, was the original Plastic Fantastic: the first fibreglass Cup boat ever built.

What is a Kiwi boat?

Kiwi-Kraft boats allow families to enjoy the challenge of diving and fishing in the Southern Ocean, hunting on the shores of the freshwater lakes of Fiordland National Park or water sport activities on salt or fresh water.

Who owns NZ team?

Team New Zealand
Established 1993
Nation New Zealand
Team principal(s) Matteo de Nora
CEO Grant Dalton

Who has won the America’s Cup?


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What is KiwiGrip made of?

KiwiGrip is a very hard acrylic polymer providing a durable, homogeneous, elastic surface. KiwiGrip will not wear through and expose filler materials.

Where did the boat KZ 7 finish in the New Zealand Challenge?

KZ 7′ s sister boats KZ 3 and KZ 5 competed, with KZ 5 finishing runner-up behind the Bond Syndicate’s Australia III, which was the comfortable winner. The boat finished ahead of the New York Yacht Club entry America II, a considerable achievement that made the sailing community stand-up and take notice that the New Zealand challenge was serious.

How did KZ 7 do in the World Cup?

KZ 7 was surprisingly successful through the rounds robin. The boat was clearly fast, well crewed and capably skippered. She went through the first round suffering but one loss, to Stars and Stripes 87. The second and third rounds saw her to be a consistently fast sailor, losing not another match race.

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