Where exactly is Grenada located?

Where exactly is Grenada located?

eastern Caribbean Sea
Grenada, byname Isle of Spice, island country of the West Indies. It is the southernmost island of the north-south arc of the Lesser Antilles, lying in the eastern Caribbean Sea about 100 miles (160 km) north of the coast of Venezuela.

Is Grenada a rich or poor country?

Grenada is a middle-income country yet 38% of its inhabitants live below the national poverty line, with wealth concentrated in the hands of the urban élite.

Is Grenada island safe?

Grenada is generally considered one of the safer parts of the Caribbean, where other islands suffer from high murder rates and crime levels. But tourists are still warned against visiting isolated areas alone.

Is Grenada safe to visit?

Grenada is assigned a level-one rating. The US Department of State also notes crime is predominantly opportunistic. Avoiding isolated areas and being aware of your surroundings—the same precautions you should exercise everywhere—are the best strategies.

Does Grenada have nice beaches?

From a pristine stretch shaded by coconut palms to a party spot known for its Sunday barbecues, here are Grenada’s top beaches. While it’s true that Grenada offers so much more than just beaches, the Spice Isle, with its 75 miles of gorgeous coastline, still has some of the Caribbean’s most epic stretches of sand.

What is Grenada known for?

Fragrant nutmeg, cinnamon, cloves, vanilla, and cocoa flourish in its fertile volcanic soil, earning it the name, “the Spice Island,” and the island’s rich culture makes it a top choice for tourists looking for an authentic Caribbean experience. Grenada will also charm you with its classic Caribbean beauty.

How big is Grenada?

Grenada is an island situated between the Caribbean Sea and Atlantic Ocean, north of Trinidad and Tobago. Its total area is 340 square kilometers (131 square miles), about twice the size of Washington, D.C., and its coastline measures 121 kilometers (75 miles).

Is Grenada in the Caribbean?

Grenada is an island in the Caribbean, South of Saint Lucia and Barbados and North of Trinidad and Tobago .

Is Grenada an island?

Grenada (/ ɡ r ə ˈ n eɪ d ə / grə-NAY-də; Grenadian Creole French: Gwenad) is a country in the West Indies in the Caribbean Sea at the southern end of the Grenadines island chain. Grenada consists of the island of Grenada itself, two smaller islands, Carriacou and Petite Martinique, and several small islands which lie to the north of the main island and are a part of the Grenadines.

What is the geography of Grenada?

Geography of Grenada. Grenada is a Caribbean island (one of the Grenadines) between the Caribbean Sea and Atlantic Ocean, north of Trinidad and Tobago. It is located at 12°07′N 61°40′W / 12.117°N 61.667°W. There are no large inland bodies of water on the island, which consists entirely of the state of Grenada. The coastline is 121 km long.