Where does Chemische Fabrik Budenheim kg get its name?

Where does Chemische Fabrik Budenheim kg get its name?

Chemische Fabrik Budenheim KG. The traditional company Budenheim has its origin in a small German town of the same name. Today it is considered a customer-oriented specialist for high-quality phosphates and specialist chemistry everywhere in the world.

How many Budenheim products are there in the world?

Budenheim does not rely on “off-the-peg” products, but on custom-made solutions: in close co-operation with the customer, product concepts are developed which are tailor-made for the final product – with great success. The presence in figures: Today, Budenheim’s workforce of 1,200 produces more than 1,000 products for about 3,000 customers.

What is the philosophy of the company Budenheim?

Budenheim’s philosophy embraces innovative strength and a thirst for discovery and helps to continuously open up new markets.Today, Budenheim Germany is one of the production sites to be found all over the world and the location of the global enterprise’s headquarters.

How does Budenheim speciality products help the seafood industry?

With Budenheim’s tailor-made solutions the seafood industry is able to satisfy all customer needs. Our specialities help to enhance the quality of the seafood, extend its shelf life and simplify processing. In short: Good ingredients ensure that you can serve fresh, healthy and delicious seafood.

Where does the company Budenheim produce phosphates?

Budenheim USA, Inc. Budenheim USA produces phosphates for numerous applications. With its local presence and production it guarantees wide market coverage, proximity to the customer and excellent service. The company site in Columbus, Ohio, where the North American sales office is located, significantly increases our market opportunities.

What are the two product lines of Budenheim?

With the production of the two product lines PHOSPHATHERM® and ROLLIT®, Budenheim is able to establish a leading position in the market for high-quality lubricants and additives for metal forming. Innovative technologies and state of the art production facilities enable Mansfield to be one of the central manufacturing plants for this product area.

Where is Budenheim Chemical Company in Mansfield Ohio?

Customer proximity through market presence and a reliable production system: In Mansfield, Ohio, Budenheim USA produces specialty chemicals for metal treatment applications.