Where do you feel pain from pancreatic cancer?

Where do you feel pain from pancreatic cancer?

A common symptom of pancreatic cancer is a dull pain in the upper abdomen (belly) and/or middle or upper back that comes and goes. This is probably caused by a tumor that has formed in the body or tail of the pancreas because it can press on the spine.

What are the later stages of pancreatic cancer?

If you are approaching the end of life, the cancer may cause symptoms such as pain, fatigue (extreme tiredness), sickness, weight loss and bowel problems.

How to know if your power steering rack is failing?

When the power steering rack and pinion wear out, you may notice other symptoms such as: 1 Loose steering 2 Steering wheel shakes 3 Clunking noise 4 Wheels don’t return to the center. 5 Excess slack 6 Looseness in the steering wheel 7 Vehicle unstable on highway

How does a rack and pinion steering system work?

The rack and pinion steering system is what translates left-right steering wheel movement into the left-right movement of the tires to make a vehicle turn. The steering column spins a pinion gear and, as that gear turns, it connects to the gears in the rack, making the rack slide left and right.

What does it mean when your steering rack is grinding?

Grinding is an indication that low or contaminated fluid has damaged the pinion gear and steering rack. If the grinding is severe, the gear and pinion may have slipped out of alignment. This one is serious, so get it checked out quickly.

When does a steering rack need to be replaced?

If the steering wheel shakes when moving at higher speeds, coupled with too much play in the wheel, the steering rack has probably gone bad and needs to be replaced. Apart from anything else, the lack of control with a wheel shaking can prove to be dangerous, especially on freeways when you have a regular commute. 4. Power Steering Fluid Leak