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Where do I find Headmaster Cid?

Where do I find Headmaster Cid?

Head for the Hall and search for the Headmaster on the first floor until you see Xu running up the steps to the elevator. Track her down at the far end of the 2F Hallway, follow her to the third floor, and enter the Headmaster’s Office. After Cid collapses talk to him and head for the elevator.

What cards does headmaster Cid have?

Headmaster Cid holds Seifer’s card, but there are only small windows of opportunity to challenge him until later into the game. The earliest the player can get Seifer’s card is after the Timber mission briefing; exiting Balamb Garden and returning, Cid is found in his office in 3F, and can be challenged.

Who is CID in ff8?

Cid Kramer, more commonly known as Headmaster Cid (シド学園長, Shido Gakuenchō?), is the founder of SeeD and headmaster of Balamb Garden in Final Fantasy VIII. He is the overseer of both school operations and SeeD operations in general, meaning he has little time for other endeavors despite his wish to the contrary.

Is CID from ff15 the CID from ff7?

Cid. Cid appears as a non-playable character. These include Cid from Final Fantasy IV, Final Fantasy VII, Final Fantasy XIII, and Final Fantasy Tactics.

Which CID is in Kingdom Hearts?

In Kingdom Hearts II, Cid is a member of the Hollow Bastion Restoration Committee who resides in Merlin’s home with the other Radiant Garden characters. Cid seems to have a rivalry with Merlin because Cid favors technology over magic while Merlin favors the exact opposite.

Why is CID in every Final Fantasy?

Tradition, he first appeared in two and they wanted a character with a certain set of traits, that was cid and they needed a character with the same traits for most games so left him as cid, always the inventor/smart character/ airship builder.

Is Edea a permanent party member ff8?

Party member Edea is a temporary playable character, controllable during the party’s trek across the Great Salt Lake and during the time Lunatic Pandora attacks Esthar City.

Who is the headmaster in Final Fantasy 8?

Headmaster Cid takes on a very different role at first in Final Fantasy 8. Cid Kramer is the founder and headmaster of Balamb Garden, the central military school where the protagonist Squall becomes a SeeD.

What’s the name of CID in Final Fantasy?

There’s only been one link between each and every Final Fantasy game that’s persisted all this time: “Cid.” With the exception of the original 1987 release of the first Final Fantasy, each numbered title since has had Cid featured as a character in the game.

Who is the headmaster of Balamb Garden Final Fantasy?

Cid Kramer is the Balamb Garden headmaster, where Squall Leonhart is a student. Cid provides Squall and his SeeD companions the training they need to defeat a powerful sorceress . Cid reveals to Squall that Balamb Garden is capable of flight, fulfilling his traditional duty as a Cid to provide the player with a flying form of transportation.

When does Cid Highwind die in Final Fantasy 6?

While this can be prevented, Cid typically dies after the giant cataclysmic event at Final Fantasy 6 ‘s midpoint. Final Fantasy 7: Cid Highwind Perhaps the most iconic versions of the character, Cid Highwind joins Cloud’s party on his quest against Sephiroth in Final Fantasy 7.