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Where did the expression Jeepers come from?

Where did the expression Jeepers come from?

British show “Silent Witness”. A word from my youth/parents during the 1950’s in Toronto to express surprise at a physical event with potential, but avoided harm.

What does Jeepers mean in slang?

exclamation of surprise
interjection. US and Canadian slang a mild exclamation of surprise.

Is Jeepers a bad word?

You think you’re being utterly inoffensive when you use a wholesome curse word like jeepers or zounds. Minced oaths are often just a twist on a curse word’s usual pronunciation. They may be formed by misplacing the bad word with something that kind of rhymes or at least has some interesting alliteration.

What are Jeebers?

jeepers in British English or jeepers creepers (ˈdʒiːpəz ˈkriːpəz ) exclamation. US and Canadian slang. a mild exclamation of surprise. Word origin.

What is Jeez short for?

(dʒiz ) exclamation. Some people say Jeez when they are shocked or surprised about something, or to introduce a remark or response. Jeez is short for ‘Jesus.

Is Jeeper a Scrabble word?

Yes, jeepers is in the scrabble dictionary.

What is the meaning of cheap rate?

/ˈtʃiːp ˌreɪt/ the amount charged for a service that is lower than usual because there is not so much demand for the service at that time: Cheap rate for overseas phone calls is from 8 p.m. to 8 a.m.

What is the meaning of the word Jeepers?

Definition of jeepers —used as a mild oath First Known Use of jeepers 1927, in the meaning defined above

What’s the difference between Jeepers Creepers and a minced oath?

That makes it something called a minced oath, which is a euphemistic version of a profanity. Jeepers creepers works like other minced oaths— heck instead of hell , shoot for shit, golly and gosh for God, jeepers creepers for Jesus Christ —because you start saying the real thing until you realize grandma’s in the room and tone it down.

What does the exclamation Jeepers Creepers mean?

Guess so jeepers creepers is an exclamation you may use in surprise, exasperation, or fear, especially if there are kids around or you’re from the 1950s. Jesus Christ! Jeepers, creepers, here come the peepers and the anti-peepers. Those little marshmallow chicks sell like hotcakes this time of year, and the boxes empty quickly. Dang it! Shoot!

Is it illegal to curse with a Jeepers Creeper?

Jeepers creepers!…Virginia law demands that residents keep it clean, even in moments crying out for the foulest four-letter words. It’s illegal in this state to curse in public. Where does jeepers creepers come from? Jeepers creepers came into fashion in the United States in the 1920s or 1930s as an alternative to exclaiming “Jesus Christ!”