Where can I get my MUET result slip?

Where can I get my MUET result slip?

Yes, candidates can check the MUET results online from MEC’s portal http://www.mpm.edu.my and by SMS by typing MUET RESULT and send to 15888.

When can I get MUET result slip?

Your MUET result will usually be available 10 weeks after you complete your MUET test. You will receive a result slip indicating the scores for all four component tests respectively, your overall score and which MUET Band you achieved.

How do I pay for MUET certificate?

Payment must be made by purchasing the MEC PIN number at Bank Simpanan Nasional (BSN) counter or internet banking. You will be charged RM1 for every MEC PIN number purchase. Once you purchase the PIN number it cannot be refunded if the candidate fails to register before the deadline.

Does MUET have expiry date?

How long is the validity period for MUET certificate? It will only be valid for 5 years from the date of the MUET result comes out.

Can I retake MUET?

Can I retake MUET? The answer is – YES. Yes, you can retake MUET if failed in your first test, or if you’re dissatisfied with your results. There is no limit to this – however, it will be wise for students to plan ahead.

Is MUET Band 4 good?

Band 4 (score of 180-219): Competent user – ‘Satisfactory command of the language. Satisfactory expressive and fluent, appropriate language but with occasional inaccuracies. Satisfactory understanding of language and contexts.

How do I check my MUET score?

1. Type MUET RESULTNew Identity Card Number (refer to figure 1) and send to 15888. A charge of 15 sen will be imposed. charged 20 sen for the message.

Is MUET compulsory for degree?

Who should take MUET? MUET is compulsory for all STPM (Sijil Tinggi Persekolahan Malaysia) and matriculation students, as well as diploma and pre-university students who wish to pursue a first degree program in local universities. There is no entry requirement for MUET.

How do I withdraw from MUET?

(a) A candidate who wishes to withdraw from MUET must fill in the Candidate Withdrawal Form (MUET/C4) which can be obtained and printed from MEC’s portal www.mpm.edu.my.

What is the highest band in MUET?

Band 5+
Starting from MUET 2021, the maximum scores for each component are 90, makes an aggregated score of 360. The scores are graded in nine bands, including half bands, with Band 5+ being the highest while Band 1.0 the lowest. Can understand a wide range of demanding, longer texts, and recognise implicit meaning.

What band is good for MUET?

Writing (800/4)

Aggregated score Band User
180 – 219 4 Satisfactory user
140 – 179 3 Modest user
100 – 139 2 Limited user
Below 100 1 Very limited user

What should I study for MUET?

MUET 2020 Reading Exam Guide & Tips by a MUET expert

  • Read (There is a reason why it’s called a MUET Reading paper)
  • Read quality materials.
  • Use your time wisely!
  • Know your vocabulary.
  • Train your brain.
  • Assess the writer’s intentions.
  • Assess the articles as a whole.