Where can I find Lorekeeper Lydros?

Where can I find Lorekeeper Lydros?

Lorekeeper Lydros can be found in the Athenaeum of Dire Maul West, which can be accessed from the West or North wings.

How do I get to Lorekeeper Kildrath?

Lorekeeper Kildrath is found in the library in Dire Maul West. (For those seeking him to turn in a quest, the library is also accessible, a bit more easily, from Dire Maul North.)

How do I access library DMN?

The northern wing of Dire Maul is accessible directly north of the arena inside of the main courtyard. The northern section contains a quick entrance to the library which connects the northern and western wings together. You’ll need a crescent key (or 300 lockpicking) to enter the northern entrance and the library.

Where is the entrance to Dire Maul?

Entrance to Dire Maul West is at 43,67.

How do I use libram of rapidity?

As it stands now in patch 1.12, a Libram of Rapidity can only be used for two things: a +1% increase to weapon speed (think weapon chain) when applied to a leg or head item, and +10 NR when applied to those same item slots. They drop in every wing of DM. For both enchants, you need to make an Arcanum of Rapidity.

Where do you turn in Garona a study on stealth and treachery?

EDIT: Turn it in at Dire Maul, the library which is accessed from the ogre section.

How does horde turn in libram of focus?

You’ll need to complete the “Elven Legends” quest before “Lorekeeper Lydros” in DM will allow you to turn in Librams. The quest giver for horde is “Sage Korolusk” in Feralas.

How do you do libram of focus?

You must have completed the quest Elven Legends before Lorekeeper Lydros will accept the libram. Completing any of the three libram quests (Libram of Focus, Libram of Rapidity, Libram of Protection) count as 1 quest for 3000 Quests Completed.

How do you get the crescent key solo?

To get the key you must enter the main entrance to Dire Maul East. You will find a little imp named Pusillin. He is friendly at first so talk to him and you will need to chase him around the instance. Don’t worry if he gets too far away, he stops every so often so you can fight the mobs to catch up.

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