Where abouts is Burnside?

Where abouts is Burnside?

Burnside is a suburb of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, 20 km west of Melbourne’s Central Business District, located within the City of Melton local government area. Burnside recorded a Population of 4,751 at the 2016 Census.

What council is Burnside under?

City of
Mayor of the City of Burnside Anne Monceaux with the ‘Burnside Highlights’ from our 10 August Council meeting.

What council is Mount Osmond in?

Mount Osmond is a small suburb of 2,497 people in the South Australian capital city of Adelaide. It is part of the City of Burnside local government area and located in the foothills of the Adelaide Hills, five kilometres south east of the city centre….Mount Osmond, South Australia.

Mount Osmond Adelaide, South Australia
Federal Division(s) Sturt

What council is Toorak Gardens?

City of Burnside
Rose Park & Toorak Gardens Ward – City of Burnside.

Why is Burnside called Burnside?

By 1892, the street’s name was changed to Burnside, after David W. Burnside, an early Portland merchant. By this time, the area north of Burnside was home to railroad, Union Station or hotel workers, who lived in the older, less expensive homes available there.

Is Burnside a good suburb?

“Best Suburb” Burnside is very safe, quiet and clean and has lovely parks and scenery. Only downsize is Burnside Hub is quite small, they only have two coffee shops, and only have Coles and Chemist warehouse. Although Caroline Springs Shop is 5 mins away, it is still a small shopping centers.

What suburbs are in Burnside Council?

The City of Burnside includes the suburbs and localities of Auldana, Beaumont, Beulah Park, Burnside, Cleland (part), Dulwich, Eastwood, Erindale, Frewville, Glen Osmond, Glenside, Glenunga, Hazelwood Park, Kensington Gardens, Kensington Park, Leabrook, Leawood Gardens (part), Linden Park, Magill (part), Mount Osmond.

Which council is Glenunga?

City of Burnside South
City of Burnside

City of Burnside South Australia
Established 1856
Area 27.53 km2 (10.6 sq mi)
Mayor Anne Monceaux
Council seat Tusmore

Did Ambrose Burnside own slaves?

Burnside was born in Liberty, Indiana, and was the fourth of nine children of Edghill and Pamela (or Pamilia) Brown Burnside, a family of Scottish origin. His father was a native of South Carolina; he was a slave owner who freed his slaves when he relocated to Indiana.

What council is Wattle Park?

Whitehorse City Council
Wattle Park Primary School | Whitehorse City Council.

Is there a suburb map for the city of Burnside?

City of Burnside suburb map and detailed boundaries, with the latest demographic data in an accurate, easy to use website. Did you mean… An accurate suburb map for City of Burnside and surrounding areas is available in profile.id – the online community profile compiled by id, the population experts and funded by the local council.

Who was the original population of Burnside South Australia?

Prior to European settlement Burnside was inhabited by the Kaurna people, who lived around the creeks of the River Torrens during the winter and in the Adelaide Hills during the summer. Soon after British colonisation of South Australia in 1836, settlers began acquiring property in the foothills lying to the east of the city of Adelaide.

What are the electoral districts of Burnside South Australia?

For State Government Burnside is part of the Electoral Districts of Adelaide, Bragg, Morialta, Hartley, Heysen, Norwood and Unley. Bragg takes in most of the city; it is the strongest Liberal Party district in the Adelaide Metropolitan Area and the third strongest in the state.

Where is the Burnside Library in Burnside located?

The Burnside city council is divided into the following wards: Burnside library is the only public library in the city of Burnside. It is adjacent to the Council offices and is part of the civic centre.