When was Rick Savage born?

When was Rick Savage born?

December 2, 1960 (age 60 years)
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Rick was born on December 2, 1960. Rick was with his high school girlfriend Joy Major until the Hysteria tour. He had a brief relationship with stylist Julianna Roberts during that tour. He started seeing Dara Corcoran in 1990 and married her on November 25, 1993.

How did drummer lose arm?

Car accident and recovery While trying to pass a red Alfa Romeo at a high speed, he lost control of his Corvette C4, which hit a dry stone wall and entered a field; his left arm was severed. Doctors initially reattached the arm but later amputated because of infection.

Who are the remaining members of Def Leppard?

Rick Savage. Savage in Denver, CO, July 2018. Richard Savage (born 2 December 1960) is an English musician best known for being the bass guitarist and one of the founding members of the English rock band, Def Leppard. Savage and lead singer Joe Elliott are the only two remaining original members of the band.

Why was Rick Savage asked to join Def Leppard?

In his teens, Sav was considered a football/soccer-talent and he was asked to join Sheffield United (despite the fact that he was a fan of rival Sheffield Wednesday), for which he played a couple of years — but he chose to be in a band after all.

How to get into the Def Leppard vault?

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What kind of music does Def Leppard play?

Def Leppard’s music is a mixture of hard rock, AOR, pop and heavy metal elements, with its multi-layered, harmonic vocals and its melodic guitar riffs. However, even though they were often considered one of the top bands of the new wave of British heavy metal movement of the late 1970s,…