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When did Sylvie Vartan have a traffic accident?

When did Sylvie Vartan have a traffic accident?

On 11 April 1968 Vartan suffered injuries in a traffic accident but was back on tour in August. She showed off her new sexy cabaret -dancer image to the French TV audience in the “Jolie poupée” show on 4 December 1968; the collaboration with Maritie and Gilbert Carpentier produced a highly entertaining result.

When did Johnny Hallyday and Sylvie Vartan get engaged?

In late winter 1963, Vartan toured France with Johnny Hallyday and starred with him in the movie D’où viens-tu, Johnny?. Later, after announcing their engagement over the radio, the young couple performed to a noisy audience of 200,000 at Paris’ Place de la Nation.

Who was the first artist to record with Sylvie Vartan?

Her favourite artists included Brenda Lee, Bill Haley, and Elvis Presley. In 1961, Eddie offered Sylvie the chance to record the song “Panne d’essence” with French rocker Frankie Jordan. The Decca Records EP was a surprise hit. Although she was not credited on the sleeve, “Panne d’essence” provided Vartan her first appearance on French television.

Where did Georges and Sylvie Vartan live in Paris?

The hardships of postwar Bulgaria made the family emigrate to Paris in December 1952. At first they stayed in the Lion d’Argent hotel near Les Halles, where Georges found a job, then for the next four years they stayed in a single room at the Angleterre Hotel. Young Sylvie had to work hard to keep up at school and blend in with her schoolmates.

Where was the mother and father of Sylvie Vartan born?

Vartan was born in Iskrets, Sofia Province, then Kingdom of Bulgaria. Her father, Georges Vartanian (1912–1970), was born in France to a Bulgarian mother and an Armenian father. He worked as an attaché at the French embassy in Sofia. The family shortened the name to Vartan.