When did SisQo incomplete?

When did SisQo incomplete?


What happened to SisQo?

More than a decade later, SisQo, now 36, is returning to the spotlight, promoting his 13-track album, “Last Dragon,” which is set to be released on Feb. 10. Despite his success with Dru Hill and a multi-platinum solo career, the name SisQo is still most associated with the female undergarment he sung about in 2000.

Who wrote incomplete by SisQo?

Montell Jordan

When did Incomplete come out?


Is Sisqo married?

Elizabeth Phamm. 2018
Personal life. Sisqó resides in Maple Grove, Minnesota with his wife Elizabeth Pham, who he has been romantically involved with since 2003.

Is Sisqo still with Dru Hill?

He is most prominently known for “Thong Song”, his membership in Dru Hill, and has also released solo material….

Labels Island Records (1995–1999) Def Soul (1999–2005) Dragon Music Group (1999–Present) Kedar Entertainment Group (2009–2015) EMPIRE (2017-Present)

Why did Sisqo disappear?

The 41 year old lead singer of the group Dru Hill, praised most of his success in his solo career in the early 2000s, but quickly disappeared from the limelight. But according to the singer, he was blacklisted by mainstream executives after he began to oppose industrial policy.

Who sang incomplete?

Backstreet Boys

Is jazz still with Dru Hill?

Jazz left the group in early 2018 to work on his solo album and Tao left in early 2019 to work on a solo project because he did not like the direction Dru Hill was going. The Second Coming will feature two new members from the group Playa, Smoke and Black, who started performing with them after Jazz left the group.

Who is Dru Hill married to?

Sisqo is officially off the market for good. The 39-year-old singer recently married his longtime girlfriend, Elizabeth Pham, on Friday, August 17. Sisqo and Elizabeth dated on and off within their 15 years of knowing each other.

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