Whats the code to the elevator in BioShock?

Whats the code to the elevator in BioShock?

Code to elevator: 5744 (from earlier recording).

What is the code to get to Fontaine?

BioShock Door Access Codes

Area Code Rewards
Olympus Heights, Mercury Suites 5744 Access to Fontaine’s apartment.
Point Prometheus, Failsafe Armored Escorts 1921 3 EVE Hypos, invention components, and rare ammunition. (The player can enter the related room without using the code or hacking the lock.)

Whats the code for the safe in BioShock?

Note the number Langford scribbled into the window as her office filled with gas. You can use that number (9457) to unlock a safe that Langford has hidden behind a painting on the wall. Inside the safe is a key that’ll open up the Farmer’s Market, the next area to the east.

How long is BioShock?

12 hours
Most beloved horror games are surprisingly short, around the 8-hour mark. But BioShock clocks in at 12 hours, and Prey at 15.5.

What is the code for the elevator in BioShock?

5744: Enter this code to enter the elevator that leads to Fontaine’s house in Olympus Heights ; 1921: Enter this code to enter the weapon store in armored escorts Failsafe at Point Prometheus . Codes of Bioshock expired . Fortunately for fans of this amazing and exciting game, all the codes we have previously described are still completely valid.

What is the code for Fontaine’s apartment in BioShock?

Not only can i not find the diary but also there is a door in an apt, that wont open and it leads to stairs, going up. If all else fails and you still can’t find it, the door code for Fontaine’s apartment mentioned in the audio diary is 5744.

What is the first door code in BioShock Infinite?

The first door access code in the Medical Pavilion is a reference to System Shock’s first door access code, which is 451. This seems to be a motif that appears in other games such as System Shock 2 (45100), BioShock 2 (1540), BioShock Infinite, and the Deus Ex franchise.

Where do you enter a code in BioShock?

0512: Enter this code to enter the pumping station at the agricultural fair . 7774: Enter this code to enter the Robertson Tobacco Store in Fort Frolic. 0126: Enter this code to enter Kyburz’s office on Hephaestus.

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