What zip code is Koreatown LA?

What zip code is Koreatown LA?

Zip Codes 90001 to 90899

Zip Code Cities/Communities
90005 Los Angeles (Hancock Park, Koreatown, Wilshire Center, Wilshire Park, Windsor Square)
90006 Los Angeles (Byzantine-Latino Quarter, Harvard Heights, Koreatown, Pico Heights)
90007 Los Angeles (Southeast Los Angeles, Univerity Park)

What is the area code for Koreatown?

Area code 213
Koreatown/Area codes

Which part of LA is Koreatown?

Located west of Downtown L.A. and south of Hollywood, Koreatown is one of the most diverse neighborhoods in Los Angeles. Encompassing roughly 3 square miles, the area was once the epicenter of Golden Age Hollywood, home to the Ambassador Hotel, the Cocoanut Grove and the Brown Derby.

Where is 90020 zip code?

Los Angeles
Zip code 90020 is primarily located in Los Angeles County. The official US Postal Service name for 90020 is LOS ANGELES, California. Portions of zip code 90020 are contained within or border the city limits of Los Angeles, CA, . Zip code 90020 is within area code 213 and area code 323.

Is Koreatown a good place to stay in LA?

Koreatown This might not be one of the neighborhoods you hear talked about the most, but with its exciting restaurant scene, it’s well worth the visit. The food and excitement are two great reasons to stay in Koreatown, as well as the multiple Metro stops in the area.

Is Koreatown a city?

Koreatown (Korean: 코리아타운) is a neighborhood in central Los Angeles, California, centered near Eighth Street and Irolo Street. Koreans began immigrating in larger numbers in the 1960s and found housing in the Mid-Wilshire area….Koreatown, Los Angeles.

Country United States
State California
County Los Angeles
City Los Angeles