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What was the most popular hair band in the 80s?

What was the most popular hair band in the 80s?

Best 80s Hair Bands Of All Time

  • Poison:
  • Bon Jovi:
  • Hanoi Rocks:
  • Def Leppard:
  • Van Halen:
  • Skid Row:
  • Mötley Crüe: One of the craziest bands on this list, Mötley Crüe, was very successful in the 80s and 90s.
  • Guns N’ Roses: Photo Credit: Wikipedia.

Who was the best hair band of all time?

The 20 greatest hair metal bands of all time

  1. Poison. Ebet Roberts/Redferns/Getty Images.
  2. Bon Jovi. Paul Natkin/Getty Images.
  3. Twisted Sister. Mark Weiss/Getty Images.
  4. Mötley Crüe. Ross Marino/Getty Images.
  5. Cinderella. Mark Weiss/WireImage/Getty Images.
  6. Warrant. Paul Natkin/WireImage/Getty Images.
  7. Quiet Riot.
  8. Ratt.

Is Poison a heavy metal band?

DeVille, Rikki Rockett, Bret Michaels and Bobby Dall. Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania, U.S. Poison is an American heavy metal/glam metal band which achieved commercial success in the mid-1980s through the mid-1990s and has sold 15 million records in the United States and over 50 million albums worldwide.

What are some 80s hair bands?

Hanoi Rocks has been cited as one of the first and most influential bands of the 80’s glam rock movement. While bands like Mötley Crüe, Ratt , Quiet Riot, Van Halen and Dokken first took heavy metal mainstream, later bands like Bon Jovi , Poison, Cinderella , Warrant, and Whitesnake made hair bands songs a stable on the Billboard Hot 100 charts.

What are the best bands of the 80s?

The best bands of the 80s, according to this Smash Hits poll of polls, are as follows: 1. Duran Duran – Perhaps no surprise, given that the band also boasted Smash Hits’ 80s Best Singer ( Simon Le Bon ) and 80s Most Fanciable Male (John Taylor) 3. Wham! – Make It Big was the name of their second album.

What are the names of famous 80’s bands?

Club Nouveau. Warner Bros.

  • Vixen. This all-female metal band was born in St.
  • Inc. What more needs to be said other than this is the band that gave us the dance floor staple “Funkytown”?
  • Swing Out Sister.
  • J.J.
  • The Jeff Healey Band.
  • The Outfield.
  • ‘Til Tuesday.
  • Yello.
  • Madness.
  • What are some good hair metal bands?

    Warrant – Heaven (Official Video)

  • Poison – Every Rose Has Its Thorn (Official Video)
  • Cinderella – Don’t Know What You Got (Till It’s Gone) (Stereo Version)
  • Twisted Sister – I Wanna Rock (Official Music Video)
  • L.A.
  • DOKKEN – “Breaking The Chains” (Official Video)
  • Bon Jovi – Wanted Dead Or Alive (Official Music Video)
  • Tesla – What You Give
  • W.A.S.P.