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What was the message in the movie Contact?

What was the message in the movie Contact?

Zemeckis stated that he intended the message of the film to be that science and religion can coexist rather than being opposing camps, as shown by the coupling of scientist Arroway with the religious Joss, as well as his acceptance that the “journey” indeed took place.

Is contact a good movie?

Based on the late Carl Sagan’s novel about a young scientist’s efforts to make contact with intelligent life beyond our world, CONTACT is a thoughtful movie. It also provides a good opportunity to discuss how we know what we know, whether on the basis of faith or on what we can prove.

Who wrote the screenplay for contact?

Michael Goldenberg
James V. Hart

What happened to Ellie’s dad in Contact?

Ellie’s father inspires her passion for astronomy and we get a sense of her core beliefs as they talk about the Universe only a few nights before his death by heart attack in their living room.

What happens to Ellie in Contact?

David Drumlin, who was chosen over Ellie to make the trip, is killed. She is chosen to go and travels through a wormhole to Vega. There she meets an alien who appears to her in the guise of her dead father. He tells her that his species did not build the machine, but it was already there when they arrived.

Is Contact a movie for kids?

Contact [1997] [PG] – 2.1. 2 | Parents’ Guide & Review | Jodie Foster discovers intelligent extraterrestrial life in this adaptation of Carl Sagan’s novel.

Does Netflix have Contact?

Sorry, Contact is not available on American Netflix.

Is Contact 1997 based on a true story?

Carl Sagan, who wrote the book Contact that the film is adapted from, based Arroway on a real scientist named Jill Tarter. Tarter received her bachelor’s of engineering physics degree from Cornell University — as the only woman in her class — around the same time that Sagan was a professor there.

What happens to Ellie in contact?