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What was the Apollo 11 spacecraft made out of?

What was the Apollo 11 spacecraft made out of?

It was made of an aluminum honeycomb sandwhich bonded between sheet aluminum alloy. The base of the CM consisted of a heat shield made of brazed stainless steel honeycomb filled with a phenolic epoxy resin as an ablative material and varied in thickness from 1.8 to 6.9 cm.

Who designed the Apollo 11 spacecraft?

the Grumman Aircraft Company
It supplied life support systems for two astronauts for up to four to five days on the Apollo 15, 16 and 17 missions. The spacecraft was designed and manufactured by the Grumman Aircraft Company.

How long did Apollo 11 take to build?

A little more than eight years later, that feat was accomplished.

What made Apollo 11 unique?

Apollo 11 was the first manned mission to land on the Moon. The first steps by humans on another planetary body were taken by Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin on July 20, 1969. The astronauts also returned to Earth the first samples from another planetary body.

How did Apollo 11 get its name?

[99] APOLLO. Abe Silverstein, Director of Space Flight Development, proposed the name “Apollo” because it was the name of a god in ancient Greek mythology with attractive connotations and the precedent for naming manned spaceflight projects for mythological gods and heroes had been set with Mercury.

Why was Apollo 11 so important?

Apollo 11 (July 16–24, 1969) was the spaceflight that first landed humans on the Moon. Armstrong became the first person to step onto the lunar surface six hours and 39 minutes later on July 21 at 02:56 UTC; Aldrin joined him 19 minutes later.

What are some interesting facts about Apollo 11?

The prime mission objective of Apollo 11 is stated simply: “Perform a manned lunar landing and return” . First return of samples from another planetary body. These first samples were basalts, dark-colored igneous rocks, and they were about 3.7 billion years old. Plaque affixed to the leg of the lunar landing vehicle signed by President…

Did Apollo 11 really go to the Moon?

Neil Armstrong on the moon during the Apollo 11 mission in 1969. NASA ‘s historic Apollo 11 moon mission landed the first astronauts on the lunar surface on July 20, 1969. See how the mission worked in this Space.com infographic.

What was so significant about Apollo 11?

The Apollo 11 plays a significant role in American history. The first major significance is the fact that this facilitated the American dream to reach the space. The Apollo11 marked the first time that man stepped on the moon. This was after numerous trials and challenges.

What were the mission objectives Apollo 11?

“The Eagle has landed…” Mission Objective The primary objective of Apollo 11 was to complete a national goal set by President John F. Kennedy on May 25, 1961: perform a crewed lunar landing and return to Earth . Additional flight objectives included scientific exploration by the lunar module, or LM,…