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What was house in 97 seconds?

What was house in 97 seconds?

House confronts the patient who purposely electrocuted himself in the clinic. The patient reveals that he was in a car accident and actually died at the scene. He described being technically dead as the best 97 seconds of his life but when he asks for his knife back, House refuses to give it to him.

Which episode does House electrocute himself?

In “97 seconds”, episode 3 of season 4 of House M.D., House electrocutes himself by putting a knife in socket. But when Wilson asks him what he saw, he does not reply. He wanted to talk to the guy who motivated him for the move, and in the end he told the main dead patient that “I’m sorry, I told you so.”

When House worked for the CIA cast?


  • Hugh Laurie as Gregory House.
  • Lisa Edelstein as Lisa Cuddy.
  • Omar Epps as Eric Foreman.
  • Robert Sean Leonard as James Wilson.
  • Jennifer Morrison as Allison Cameron.
  • Jesse Spencer as Robert Chase.
  • Anne Dudek as Amber Volakis.
  • Edi Gathegi as Jeffrey Cole.

What episode does House overdose?

“Both Sides Now” is the twenty-fourth episode and season finale of the fifth season of House. It originally aired on May 11, 2009.

When did house fire the Twins?

Episode no. “97 Seconds” is the third episode of the fourth season of House and the seventy-third episode overall. It aired on October 9, 2007.

Why did House Fire Samira?

House met Samira when she was working at the CIA and he was enlisted to assist with the case of a covert CIA operative. By the end of the episode Ugly, House realized he had judged her unfairly because of her looks, fired her, then asked her on a date.

Who played the CIA doctor in house?

Omar Epps
Omar Epps, who stars in House as Dr. Eric Foreman, also starred on ER, but two years before Michele. As usual, the filming took place on the Fox lot in Century City. This episode contained the song ‘My home is your head’ by Joseph Arthur.

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