What Vela means?

What Vela means?

Vela. Vela is a constellation in the southern sky. Its name is Latin for the sails of a ship, and it was originally part of a larger constellation, the ship Argo Navis, which was later divided into three parts, the others being Carina and Puppis.

What is Vel in English?

Wiktionary. velnoun. The u2228 symbol used to represent the inclusive or logical connective. Etymology: From the conjunction vel.

What does Vella mean in Italian?

English Translation. sailing. More meanings for vela. sailing noun.

What does PON mean in Italian?

English translation:friend. Explanation: “Pizon” looks suspiciously like a misspelling of “paisa'” or “paesano” (literally, “person from the same village”), a term of greeting used among southern Italians, particularly immigrants to the US. The Spanish term “paisano” is used in the same way in the Americas.

What does Vela mean in Greek?

The constellation of Vela is located south of the ecliptic plane and was once part of the much larger constellation of Argo Navis – now divided into three parts. It is now abbreviated and Vela represents the “sails”.

What is called vihir in English?

/kuåṁ/ mn. well countable noun. A well is a hole in the ground where a supply of water is kept.

Is vel a word?

No, vel is not in the scrabble dictionary.

What is the most common surname in Malta?

It’s official: Borg is the most common surname in Malta, according to data gathered during the last census carried out in November. It is followed by Camilleri, Vella and Farrugia in that order.

What nationality is the name Borg?

Scandinavian: habitational name from various farms and other minor places so named, from Old Norse borg ‘fortification’, ‘stronghold’. In some cases the name is topographical, often referring to a hill that resembles a fortification, rather than an actual fortification.

What does Paisan mean in Italy?

noun. informal US. (among people of Italian or Spanish descent) a fellow countryman or friend (often as a term of address). ‘In ‘Life Is Beautiful,’ Benigni is a paisan from the Tuscany countryside who comes rolling down the mountains into the town of Arezzo to seek his fortune.

What does the word Vela mean in English?

In other languages vela. British English: sail /seɪl/ NOUN. Sails are large pieces of material attached to the mast of a boat. I watched the sails disappear in the distance.

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What do you mean by sailing in Italian?

A sailing is a voyage made by a ship carrying passengers. We’ll get the next sailing. chiami or chiamo? Drag the correct answer into the box. Mi Michela.