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What type of play is The Country Wife?

What type of play is The Country Wife?

Restoration comedy
The Country Wife is a Restoration comedy written by William Wycherley and first performed in 1675. A product of the tolerant early Restoration period, the play reflects an aristocratic and anti-Puritan ideology, and was controversial for its sexual explicitness even in its own time.

Who is the Restoration comedy dramatists model?

The Earl of Rochester, a real-life Restoration rake, courtier and poet, is flatteringly portrayed in Etherege’s The Man of Mode (1676) as a riotous, witty, intellectual, sexually irresistible aristocrat, a template for posterity’s idea of the glamorous Restoration rake (actually never a very common character in …

Is The Country Wife satire?

Satire exaggerates human moral failings or weaknesses in order to poke fun at them. In The Country Wife, Wycherley satirizes a range of sexual issues in upper-class Restoration society. Three of these issues are too much emphasis on sexual conquest, hypocrisy about sexual desire, and husbands going overboard in…

What does Horner infer from Lady fidgets disgust?

What does Horner say is Lady Fidget’s “greatest affectation”? What does Horner infer from Lady Fidget’s disgust with him? That she is naturally lascivious. How does Sir Jasper respond to the notion of Horner’s impotence?

Who is Mr Pinchwife?

Pinchwife is Margery’s husband. He is obsessively jealous and is terrified of being made to look foolish and of gaining a reputation as a “cuckold.” He has chosen Margery for a wife because he believes that she is innocent and naïve and therefore easy to control.

Who was the wife in the country girl?

The role, a non-glamorous departure for Kelly, was as the alcoholic actor’s long-suffering wife. Given the period of its production, the film is notable for its realistic, frank dialogue and honest treatments of the surreptitious side of alcoholism and post-divorce misogyny . In a theatre, auditions are being held for a new musical production.

Where was the musical the Country Wife performed?

The Country Wife was also restaged as a musical – Lust. Written by the Heather Brothers, it was first performed at the Queens Theatre in Hornchurch in the London Borough of Havering in 1992. It later transferred to the Theatre Royal Haymarket in London’s West End, starring Denis Lawson as Horner.

Is the Country Wife based on a true story?

It is based on several plays by Molière, with added features that 1670s London audiences demanded: colloquial prose dialogue in place of Molière’s verse, a complicated, fast-paced plot tangle, and many sex jokes.

Where was the Country Wife by Helen Mirren filmed?

Pinchwife brings his simple young wife to London for his sister’s wedding. Lest she falls prey to the town’s temptations, he keeps her under lock and key. Did You Know? Included in DVD set ” Helen Mirren at the BBC.”