What type of computer is VAX 11?

What type of computer is VAX 11?

electronic digital computer
The VAX-11/780 [1] is a new, general-purpose, stored-program electronic digital computer manufac- tured by Digital Equipment Corporation. At minicomputer prices it provides addresses and data which are 32 bits wide; the traditional minicomputer address space bound of 64K is gone.

What is VAX used for?

VAX (Virtual Address eXtension) is an established line of mid-range server computers from the Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC). It followed DEC’s PDP-11 in 1978 and also introduced a new operating system, VMS. VAX included a 32-bit processor and virtual memory.

Who designed VAX 11?

the Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC)
VAX is a CISC instruction set architecture (ISA) and line of superminicomputers and workstations developed by the Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC) in the mid-1970s.

Are VAX computers still in use?

Although Compaq Computer Corp. will no longer manufacture the historic VAX minicomputer, company officials have pledged to continue supporting the platform for at least another decade.

Is VAX VMS still used?

Although VMS has never been the official name of the operating system, it has been commonly used from the beginning due to the awkwardness of VAX-11/VMS. It is still commonly used today, despite the potential confusion arising from other common uses of the same acronym.

Is VAX short for vaccine?

short for vaccine: a substance put into a person’s body to prevent them getting a disease: The three-year trial of the AIDS vax is intended to test whether it can protect people from infection from the H. I. V.

What is the oldest operating system still in use?

According to the column, MOCAS is currently believed to be the world’s oldest computer program that’s remains in active use. It seems that MOCAS (Mechanization of Contract Administration Services) is still used by the United States Department of Defense running on an IBM 2098 model E-10 mainframe.

What is the oldest computer still in use?

One of the world’s oldest computers, FACOM128B relay computer made in 1959, is still operational in Fujitsu’s Numazu Complex. Customer Engineers (CEs) have kept it running for 60 years, an unprecedentedly long maintenance period.

Who Uses Open VMS?

Over 3,000 organizations are still using OpenVMS, including the United States Postal Service and Bosch.

What does VMS stand for?

Virtual Memory System
VMS (Virtual Memory System) is an operating system from the Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC) that runs in its older mid-range computers.