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What type of company is axiom?

What type of company is axiom?

management and technology consulting company
Founded in 1988, Axiom Corporation is a management and technology consulting company providing information technology, professional, and health/medical support services to the federal government, Department of Defense and corporate entities.

What does the company Axiom do?

Axiom is the global leading alternative legal services provider. With over 2,000+ employees across three continents, we provide talent and technology to help legal departments adapt to a demanding new era.

Who owns axiom?

Axiom Space

Type Private incorporated company
Industry Aerospace industry
Founded 2016
Founder Michael Suffredini Kam Ghaffarian
Headquarters Houston, Texas United States

How is axiom funded?

Axiom has now raised $150 million since its 2016 founding, with Executive Chairman Kam Ghaffarian having provided its seed funding through IBX, his family office. Ghaffarian co-founded Axiom with Suffredini shortly after the latter retired as NASA program manager for the International Space Station.

How much is Axiom space worth?

Although Axiom management hasn’t revealed the company’s valuation, Suffredini did say it’s well past the point of becoming a unicorn. That means its valuation is greater than $1 billion. But Axiom made another announcement with its Series B funding.

Who is the CEO of axiom?

David McVeigh (Jul 2020–)

Who funds Axiom space?

C5 Capital
Axiom Space’s latest round of funding was led by C5 Capital. CEO Michael Suffredini said it is now “well past the point” of becoming a unicorn, putting the firm among the 10-most valuable private U.S. space companies. Axiom has now raised $150 million since its 2016 founded.

Who will launch Axiom space station?

Peggy Whitson, America’s most experienced astronaut, and veteran GT3-class race car driver John Shoffner, a long-time pilot, will anchor a four-person crew launching to the International Space Station aboard Axiom Space’s second commercial trip to orbit, the company announced Tuesday.