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What teams are in the SCC Conference?

What teams are in the SCC Conference?


  • Alabama Crimson Tide. Schedule | Statistics | Roster | Photos | Recruiting | News | Boards.
  • Arkansas Razorbacks. Schedule | Statistics | Roster | Photos | Recruiting | News | Boards.
  • Auburn Tigers.
  • Florida Gators.
  • Georgia Bulldogs.
  • Kentucky Wildcats.
  • LSU Tigers.
  • Mississippi State Bulldogs.

Is Clemson in the SEC conference?

Marc Ryan reports: Clemson + Florida State have reached out to the SEC about joining the conference. SEC Presidents voted 14-0 to allow both Big 12 schools to join the Southeastern Conference starting in 2025, the year that the Big 12 TV deal expires. It’s simple.

What schools are in the SEC West?

SEC West

  • Alabama — 8-0, 5-0.
  • LSU — 7-1, 4-1.
  • Texas A&M — 5-3, 3-2.
  • Mississippi State — 5-3, 2-3.
  • Auburn — 5-3, 2-3.
  • Ole Miss — 5-3, 1-3.
  • Arkansas — 2-7, 0-5.

What is the best SEC school?

The Florida Gators, for instance, are ranked #1 in four sports — Football, Softball, Soccer and Volleyball. This is the most of any SEC school and largely explains why Florida is ranked as the top sports school in the SEC.

What are the SEC schools?

sec′ondary school`. n. a high school or a school of corresponding grade ranking between a primary school and a college or university.

How many SEC football teams are there?

The SEC is a Power Five conference under the College Football Playoff format along with the Atlantic Coast Conference , the Big 12 Conference, the Big Ten Conference, and the Pac–12 Conference. For the 2017 season, the SEC has 14 teams divided into two divisions of seven each, named East and West.

What is SEC NCAA?

The SEC was also the first NCAA Division I conference to hold a championship game (and award a subsequent title) for college football and was one of the founding members of the Bowl Championship Series (BCS). The current SEC commissioner is Greg Sankey .