What team was Kurenai in?

What team was Kurenai in?

Hidden Leaf Village
Kurenai Yuhi/Affiliations

Did Kurenai like Kakashi?

Fans don’t see much of Kurenai’s friendship with Kakashi in the franchise. But with Asuma Sarutobi and Might Guy, she does come to Kakashi’s rescue once or twice. One flashback demonstrates that Kurenai always has Kakashi’s best interests in mind, though.

Was Kurenai pregnant while Asuma died?

When she learned of his death, she fell to her knees in tears and disbelief, and later laid flowers on his grave during his funeral. The truth of their relationship was made clear in Part II when Kurenai revealed that she is pregnant with Asuma’s daughter, Mirai Sarutobi.

What team was Asuma on as a kid?

Asuma Sarutobi (猿飛アスマ, Sarutobi Asuma) was a jōnin of Konohagakure’s Sarutobi clan and a former member of the Twelve Guardian Ninja. He was also the leader of Team 10 which consists of Shikamaru Nara, Ino Yamanaka, and Chōji Akimichi.

Who is Kakashi son?

Ken (ケン, Ken) is a shinobi from Konohagakure and a member of the Hatake clan. He is the only child of Kakashi Hatake and Mina. He is as genius just like his father, but he is also playful and doesn’t take things serious just like his mother.

What kind of personality does Kurenai Yuhi have?

When Hinata tried to offer Naruto some medicine after his fight with Kiba, Kurenai convinced Naruto Uzumaki to take it because she knew of her student’s infatuation with him. Her personality is unyielding, honest, and simple. She is also portrayed as the “big sister type”.

Who are the members of team Kurenai with Mirai?

When the other members of Team Kurenai meet up to discuss with Hinata Hyūga ‘s wedding gift, Mirai is also with her mother and calls Kiba, “Kibamaru” ( キバ丸, Kibamaru ), Akamaru, “Akakiba” ( 赤キバ, Akakiba ), and Shino, “Uncle Buggy” and “Shinomaru” ( シノ丸, Shinomaru ), which makes them greatly tangled.

Why did Kurenai take a leave from Naruto?

After Yakumo created the illusion of the Academy being struck by lightning (something everyone believed to have actually happened), Kurenai took a temporary leave from Team 8 so that she could deal with the problem. Naruto confronted her about her involvement with Yakumo, but she simply used a genjutsu on him to keep him occupied.

How old was Kurenai when she became a jonin?

In the anime, during the Chūnin Exams, Kurenai was placed in a team with Asuma and Raidō Namiashi. She later was cheering for her classmates during the third round of the Chūnin Exams. Eventually becoming a chūnin at age 13, Kurenai became a jōnin shortly before Team 8 was formed.

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