What team is Ezra Cleveland on?

What team is Ezra Cleveland on?

Minnesota Vikings#72 / Tackle
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How much does Ezra Cleveland weigh?

311 lb
Ezra Cleveland

No. 72 – Minnesota Vikings
Born: May 8, 1998 Spanaway, Washington
Height: 6 ft 6 in (1.98 m)
Weight: 311 lb (141 kg)
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Where is Ezra Cleveland from?

Spanaway, Washington, United States
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How old is Ezra Cleveland?

23 years (May 8, 1998)
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What is Ezra Cleveland number?

72Minnesota Vikings / Tackle
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How many sacks has Brian O Neill?


Offense Snaps Played 1070
Pass Block Snaps Played
Run Block Snaps Played
Penalties 8
Sacks Allowed 3

Is Ezra Cleveland playing today?

Cleveland (ankle) is inactive for Sunday’s matchup against the Panthers.

Where did Brian O’Neill go to college?

Pittsburgh Panthers football
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How tall is Brian O Neil?

2.01 m
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Is Ezra Cleveland hurt?

After missing two games with an ankle injury, Vikings rookie Ezra Cleveland is back and will start at right guard against the Jaguars this week. Minnesota wants to continue evaluating him over the final five games of the season as they determine what position Cleveland should play in 2021.

Who is number 75 on the Vikings?

Brian O’Neill (American football)

No. 75 – Minnesota Vikings
Position: Offensive tackle
Personal information
Born: September 15, 1995 Wilmington, Delaware
Height: 6 ft 7 in (2.01 m)

How old is Brian Oneill?

25 years (September 15, 1995)
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