What station is handle on the law?

What station is handle on the law?

KFI AM 640
One of the top Talk radio personalities in the U.S., Bill Handel is host of the nationally syndicated program Handel on the Law, as well as the top-rated Los Angeles morning show on KFI AM 640, The Bill Handel Show.

What happened to handle on the law?

Handel currently hosts two radio programs on KFI in Los Angeles, California. Handel on The Law is heard on more than 150 stations in the U.S. He is also the director and founder of the Center for Surrogate Parenting. His legal show is currently his longest running radio program to date.

Where can I listen to Handel on the Law?

Radio Stations and Times

Live Program Every Saturday 8 AM to 11 PM (Pacific Standard Time)
WDBT FM 93.7 Hartford Sun 5AM-8AM
WTKI AM 1450 Huntsville Sun 9PM-12AM
WNTM AM 710 Mobile Sun 6PM-9PM
KHTE FM 96.5 England Sat 5PM-8PM

What time does Handel on the Law come on?

8-11 a.m.
His syndicated show, Handel on the Law, airs every Saturday from 8-11 a.m.

Is KFI conservative?

KFI (640 AM) is a radio station in Los Angeles, California, owned and operated by iHeartMedia, Inc….KFI.

Broadcast area Southern California
Frequency 640 kHz
Branding KFI AM 640
Slogan More Stimulating Talk

Are John and Ken still on the radio?

Since then they have remained as a live program; however, some interviews are pre-recorded and replayed between hours, and at times Kobylt or Chiampou will broadcast from their home studios. On January 14, 2006, a new version of the show entitled John and Ken: Saturdays began.

Who is king of KFI?

Puneeth the king of kfi.

What is KFI for life?

KFI has, since 2013, been responding to customer needs by developing high-quality products that align with local tastes. The kidney fat index (KFI) calculation based on Riney’s (1955) revised formula, i.e….KFI.

Acronym Definition
KFI Kraft Foods International
KFI Korea Fire Equipment Inspection Corporation

How many listeners does John and Ken have?

The program is one of the most listened to local talk radio programs in the United States. They draw an estimated weekly audience of approximately 1.2 million listeners each week.

Who are the staff members on Handel on the law?

Realizing that the choice for an attorney is an important one, Handel On the Law’s staff members carefully screen attorneys to ensure potential clients get the best possible service from an attorney they can trust. Bill Handel’s weekend show, Handel on the Law, is bold, entertaining and addictive.

Is the Handel on the law show still going?

The Handel On the Law attorney directory is unique in that it is backed by a nationally syndicated radio program that reaches millions of listeners. While other shows have come and gone over the years, Handel on the Law has enjoyed an almost unheard of the run of twenty years and is still going strong.

What kind of advice does Bill Handel give?

Bill definitely knows his way around our wacky American legal system, and with a quick wit and razor-sharp tongue, offers up advice to countless callers on a weekly basis. Syndicated nationally, Handel has amassed a loyal fan base that continues to grow.

Where can I find an attorney for Handel on the law?

Whereas legal questions answered with Bill’s unique brand of humor have been the hallmark of the show, it became clear that quite often callers were in need of a qualified attorney to represent them. Handel On the Law is a website that prominently features an attorney listing service.