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What size is a 19mm bolt?

What size is a 19mm bolt?

Size Chart

Bolt size Size Tolerance
18mm 18.40
3/8″BSW 18.43
M12 19mm 19.46
1/2″UNF 3/4″ 19.51

What size bolt fits a 19mm spanner?

Metric Spanner Sizes

Nominal Size Spanner Size
M7 11mm
M8 13mm
M10 17mm
M12 19mm

How do you measure spanner size?

Modern spanner sizes refer to the distance across the flats of the hexagonal nut or bolt they would fit. A 17mm spanner therefore fits a nut 17mm across its flats and this is normally a nut to fit a 10mm diameter bolt (M10).

How do you determine the spanner size of a bolt?

The width across flats indicates the “size” of the spanner. It is imprinted on the spanners in millimeter (mm) values. Older British and current US spanners (wrenches) have inch sizes that are imprinted in intermediate sizes in fractions.

What are M bolt sizes?

Metric Bolt Sizes

  • The letter ‘M’ indicates that this bolt uses a metric thread.
  • The number ‘8’ refers to the nominal diameter of the bolt shaft in millimeters.
  • The number 1.0 is the thread pitch of the bolt, which is the distance between threads, in millimeters.
  • And the final figure, 20, is the length in millimeters.

What size spanner do I need for 15mm compression fitting?

The nut on a 15mm compression fitting is 24mm across the flats. The nut on a 22mm compression fitting is 32mm across the flats. The 24mm end of this spanner suits nuts on 15mm compression fittings and the 32mm end suits nuts on 22mm compression fittings.

What size bolt fits a 12mm spanner?

The nut takes a 13mm spanner, (which suggests M8), the length of the whole thing is approx. 25mm, and the threaded bit is approx. 21mm….What size bolt fits a 12mm socket?

Bolt size Size Tolerance
12mm 12.30
5/16″UNF 1/2″ 13.00
M8 13mm 13.30
1/4″BSW 13.64

What size is a No 10 spanner?

Spanner Sizes

Nominial Size Spanner Size
no.6 5/16″
no.8 11/32″
no.10 & 3/16″ 3/8″
1/4″ 7/16″

How many spanner sizes are there?

In a set of 6 spanners in inch spanners, the double-ended and ring spanners are available in the following sizes. 1 X 15/16 inch, 7/16 X 13/16 inch, 3/4 X 11/6 inch, 5/8 X 19/32 inch, 1/2 X 9/16 inch and 3/8 X 7/16 inch. Similarly, millimeter spanners are in numbers.

How to calculate the size of a spanner?

Following formula are used to calculate spanner size –. For bolt size upto M14. Spanner Size = ( Bolt Size * 1.5 ) + 1. Example for M12 bolt , Spanner Size = ( Bolt Size * 1.5 ) + 1 = ( 12 * 1.5 ) + 1 = 18 + 1 = 19. Above from M16 bolt. Spanner size = Bolt Size * 1.5.

How big is a metric Spanner compared to an imperial Spanner?

Comparison between Spanner Sizes – Metric / Imperial Spanner size comparisons – Imperial / Metric. , or Spanner size (“) Spanner Size (mm) A/F

How big is a standard spanner wrench in inches?

Standard SAE US Wrench/Spanner Size (inc Metric Wrench/Spanner Size (mm) 1/8 3.18 5/32 3.97 4 3/16 4.76

How big is a Whitworth bolt and Spanner?

Convert,compare all Imperial tool,nut,bolt and spanner sizes to metric. Kevin C Bacon. (Baconsdozen Imperial tools). Commonly used Whitworth or B.S.F to SAE / A.F (inches across flats) sizes and conversions to metric and decimal inch dimensions.