What size is a 1350 U-joint?

What size is a 1350 U-joint?

Outside Lock U-Joints by Series

Series Width Cap
1350 3.622 1.188
1410 4.188 1.188
Handy Measurement Conversion
1.062 = 1 1/16 2.438 = 2 7/16

What is the difference between 1330 and 1350 U-joint?

The 1310 series u-joint measures approximately 3 1/4 inches wide. The 1330 and 1350 both measure approximately 3 5/8 wide. The 1350 series has a cap diameter of 1 3/16 inch and the body and journals are bigger than the 1310 or 1330.

Are all 1350 U-joints the same?

Standard u-joints sizes are classified by series, with each series having specific cap diameter and overall joint width. Typically speaking, a higher series number translates to a stronger joint….Understanding U-Joints.

U-Joint Series Continuous Lifetime Operating Torque Yield Torque
1350 210 lb-ft 2,260 lb-ft

What is a spicer u-joint?

Super strong, super durable Spicer Extreme u-joints are meant for off-road use and slower speeds. Featuring an SAE-4340 nickel chromoly steel cross with an enlarged trunnion diameter for added strength, these u-joints are virtually indestructible.

How much power can a 1350 U-joint handle?

2,200 lb-ft
The 1350 U-joint is rated for 2,200 lb-ft (minimum elastic limit) of torque. While the 1310 series, the stock size for most Jeeps, is rated for 1,600 lb-ft of torque.”

What is a 1310 driveshaft?

Size and strength. The 1310 series joint is what you would expect to find stock in most Jeep or small trucks. A 1350 series joint/shaft is what you might find in many full size trucks. While it’s not 100% accurate, you could say that a 1310 is a “half ton” joint and a 1350 is a “one ton joint”.

How much horsepower can a 1310 U-joint handle?

MaterialsWhat the driveshaft is made of is just as important as its length and diameter. An OEM steel shaft is rated for no more than 350 lb-ft or 350 to 400 hp.

Can you drive with bad U-joints?

A car with a bad U-joint will break down in a few hundred miles at the maximum. But if you have a bad U-joint and you are having a transmission fluid leakage, you should not drive your car since the U-joint may break down anytime and will cause damage to the brake line, drive shaft, transmission line and other parts.

What is the difference between 1310 and 1350?