What nationality is Tatiana Weston Webb?

What nationality is Tatiana Weston Webb?

Tatiana Weston-Webb/Nationality

How old is Tatiana Weston?

25 years (May 9, 1996)
Tatiana Weston-Webb/Age

How is Tatiana Weston Webb Brazilian?

About Tatiana Weston-Webb Her competitive drive comes from her Brazilian mother; a former professional bodyboarder who won an event at Pipeline in the 90s. Her passion comes from dad, British born but who is known as a hardcore surfer on Kauai.

Where was Tatiana Weston Webb born?

Porto Alegre, State of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil
Tatiana Weston-Webb/Place of birth

Where does Tatiana Weston-Webb live?

Kauai, Hawaii
She is a competitor in the 2020 Summer Olympics, competing for Brazil….

Tatiana Weston-Webb
Born Tatiana Weston-Webb May 9, 1996 Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil
Residence Kauai, Hawaii, U.S.
Height 5 ft 4 in (1.63 m)

How tall is Tatiana Weston-Webb?

1.63 m
Tatiana Weston-Webb/Height

Does Tatiana Weston-Webb speak Portuguese?

Raised in Kauai, Tati’s father is English and mother Brazilian – she was even born in Brazil. She speaks fluent Portuguese, as you may have heard in some of her post-heat interviews, so the move isn’t entirely surprising.

Why does Tatiana Weston Webb surfer for Brazil?

On April 29, 2018 she announced her switch over to Brazil representation for the remainder of the 2018 WSL Championship Tour season, aiming to compete representing her native country in the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo, one of her dreams since surfing was announced as an official Olympic sport.

How tall is Tatiana Weston Webb?

Where is Macy Callaghan from?

New South Wales Central
About Macy Callaghan Surfing on the Championship Tour has been a dream of Macy Callaghan since growing up on the New South Wales Central Coast beach of Avoca. Her whole family was always in the water and Callaghan originally competed in surf lifesaving, before her mum bought her a bodyboard.

How old is Macy Jane Callaghan?

Macy-Jane Callaghan was born on October 15, 2000 (age 20) in Australia.

Who is Macy Callaghan?

Macy Callaghan Makes WSL World Tour Central Coast Surfing Star Macy Callaghan has qualified for the WSL World Surfing League 2019 World Tour. A huge accomplishment and a dream come true for Callaghan. Head Coach Amee Donohoe coached Macy during her Junior years as an aspiring semi professional surfer.

Who is Tatiana Weston Webb on the WCT?

Tatiana Weston-Webb. Tatiana Weston-Webb (born May 9, 1996) is a Brazilian/American surfer from Kauai, Hawaii. She was the only rookie on the WCT (professional surfing) (World Championship Tour) in 2015. Weston-Webb wears jersey number 9 and her 2016 ‘CT rank is number 4.

Who are the parents of Tatiana Weston Webb?

Within two weeks of her birth in Brazil, Weston-Webb and her parents moved back to Hawaii in an effort to get Tatiana dual citizenship. Her mother (Tanira Weston-Webb) is Brazilian and was a professional body boarder and her father is from England and has always been around surfing and enjoys the ocean life.

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