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What movie had the song regulate?

What movie had the song regulate?

Above The Rim

When did the song regulators come out?

April 28, 1994
On April 28, 1994, Warren G and his frequent collaborator, the late Nate Dogg released “Regulate,” a single based largely on a sample from McDonald’s 1982 hit “I Keep Forgettin’ (Every Time You’re Near).” Originally appearing on the “Above the Rim” movie soundtrack, “Regulate” became a summer rap anthem, reaching No.

Do you Regulate meaning?

1a : to govern or direct according to rule. b(1) : to bring under the control of law or constituted authority. (2) : to make regulations for or concerning regulate the industries of a country. 2 : to bring order, method, or uniformity to regulate one’s habits.

Where did the term regulators come from?

Regulators mount up is a quote from the movie “Young Guns” as well as a reference to the popular hit of Warren G, titled “Regulate”. Online, the phrase is often paired with image macros of either Warren G or pictures of the protagonists of “Young Guns”.

Who made Regulate?

Warren G
Nate Dogg

“Regulate” pushed Warren G from L.A. favorite to national star. Two decades ago, Warren Griffin III and Nathaniel “Nate Dogg” Hale stormed the pop charts with “Regulate,” a back-and-forth tale about an attempted car-jacking that goes down on a clear black night in L.A.’s Long Beach.

What does regulator mean?

A regulator is a person or organization appointed by a government to regulate an area of activity such as banking or industry. A regulator is a device or mechanism that automatically controls something, such as the temperature in a room or the growth of a person’s body.

Are Warren G and Dr Dre related?

Dre’s step brother. Dr Dre and Warren G became steps brothers when Dre’s mum and Warren’s dad married and brought the families together.

What is the difference between regulate and control?

As verbs the difference between regulate and control is that regulate is to dictate policy while control is to exercise influence over, to suggest or dictate the behavior of, oversit.

Does regulate mean control?

Regulate is defined as to control, direct or adjust. To control, direct, or govern according to a rule, principle, or system; specif., to impose a body of regulations on a particular industry, type of business, etc.

When did Nate Dogg release his first solo album?

He eventually pursued a solo career, and released three solo albums, G-Funk Classics, Vol. 1 & 2 in 1998, Music & Me in 2001, and Nate Dogg as a bootlegged album in 2003 and on CD in 2014.

Why did Nate Dogg write the song Regulate?

A storybook rap, marking the meeting point of old, early rap traditions with the “gangsta”-image being formulated at the time. In a sense, the entire song is an allegory: Nate Dogg must overcome the burden of “gangsta” before moving onto bitches and laying down the G-funk philosophy. What have the artists said about the song?

When did Nate Dogg and Snoop Dogg start rapping?

In 1990, Nate Dogg, Snoop Dogg, and Warren G, formed a rap trio called 213. They recorded their first demo in the back of the famed V.I.P. record store in Long Beach.

When did Nate Dogg get out of jail?

Nate Dogg was charged with the Check Changers robbery in 1991 and with the robbery of a San Pedro Taco Bell in 1994. He faced a maximum of nearly eleven years in prison, but was subsequently acquitted of both charges. In 1996, Nate Dogg was convicted of a drug-related offense in Los Angeles County.